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Jun 15, 2013

Clubbing Holidays in Malia: Top Money Tips

Clubbing holidays in Malia 2013 have to happen, but with not long left before you have to take to the skies, it’s definitely time to put a plan into action and look into booking that holiday of a lifetime.


1. Cut out the middleman and book your break online. The latest prices and best discounts are always found on the internet.

2. Book as far in advance as possible to benefit from the widest range of clubbing holidays in Malia, with any early bird discounts.

3. If you miss the ‘in advance’ boat, never fear. Last minute getaways are a great way of bagging a bargain. Have a look online with your mates and find a Malia package to suit you.

4. Booking with a well-known clubbing holiday specialist will ensure that you get as much for your money as possible. With free entry into the best clubs and pubs on the strip, as well as discounted drinks and exclusive events, you’ll be sure to have a holiday to remember.

5. Where possible, split the cost of your Malia holiday into affordable instalments. Once your break is booked, the balance can be spread over a number of weeks to ensure you stay on top of the cost of your getaway.

6. Order your currency online as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted delays. You will need either Euros or a Euro pre-paid currency card to spend during your time in Malia.

7. When you’re out and about abroad, especially at night, only take out as much as you need for the evening and keep the rest of your cash locked away in a safety deposit box. This will ensure you don’t overspend, and you’re not left without any money for the remaining days of your holiday.

8. Take a credit or debit card as back up, just in case.

Look online today for the best deals on Malia clubbing holidays.

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