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Jun 16, 2014

Seafood Lunch with a View at Badjao Seafront

When our flight to Puerto Princesa was confirmed, Ed immediately mulled over the adrenaline rushing activities while I meticulously decided where to eat! We only had three days, and that simply means I had to choose only three from the long list of must-try restaurants in the city. After a thorough deliberation (with myself), I wrote down Badjao Seafront, KaLui and Kinubuchs on my foodie itinerary.

First on the foodie list is Badjao Seafront; a floating restaurant built in a mangrove area offering picturesque views of Puerto Princesa's seascape. I heard the restaurant is crowded during sunset and darkness swallows the stunning scenery at night, so I guessed it would be a perfect lunch venue.
Badjao Seafront Restaurant in Palawan

As soon as we arrived at Marianne Home Inn, I asked the receptionist for directions to Badjao Seafront and to facilitate our lunch reservation if needed. I was informed that we need to hire a tricycle as it is quite far from the city and prior booking is not a must during lunch time. For Php 200, the tricycle driver took us to Badjao Seafront and back, with a side trip to the pearl market. Travel time from the city is about 20 minutes.

We arrived a little early for lunch, just a few minutes past 11. It was a good plan as we had Badjao Seafront just for ourselves for quite awhile. A narrow wooden pathway surrounded by tall mangroves connects the entrance to the restaurant at the coast. Though I was so excited to see what's at the end of the trail, I couldn't help but walk in slow motion and appreciate the beauty of nature in every step!   

wooden pathway to Badjao Seafront Restaurant
the breathtaking nature trail to the restaurant

At the end of the wooden bridge is a rustic al fresco restaurant. Badjao Seafront restaurant rests on stilts above the crystal clear waters of Honda Bay. It is warm and welcoming, more beautiful than I imagined it to be. It has a wonderful homey ambiance and a lovely interior decorated with Philippine handicrafts. There was no staff assigned at the front door, yet there's a very inviting signage that says "Dayon Camo", a Palawano greeting which means "Welcome". 

Badjao Seafront Restaurant's entrance
Dayon Camo!
Philippine handicraft on display at Badjao Seafront
Badjao Seafront is "Proudly Pinoy" from floor to ceiling!
al fresco native restaurant in Puerto Princesa
It has a wonderful homey ambiance during the day, and I guess a romantic setting at night. 
mangroves in the crystal clear waters of Puerto Princesa
tall mangroves in the crystal clear waters of Puerto Princesa

We chose a table in a corner, a fantastic spot where we can dine and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea. Badjao Seafront's extensive menu boasts Filipino and International cuisine, offering almost everything from light snacks to full meals. There are various a la carte dishes, yet we found the Comida (set meal for 3 to 4 persons) great for the family. Because we all love seafood very much, we took the option with fish, squid, crab and vegetables.    

family lunch at Badjao Seafront restaurant
my family and Badjao Seafront's Comida 

Our Filipino seafood fiesta at Badjao Seafront started with a bowl of clam soup. The fresh clams in clear broth gave our tummies the comforting warmth. Then, the main dishes were brought to our table. The delightful treats from the sea were beautifully served and in ample portions. The squid rings sizzled in a very light sauce. The fresh off the grill fish came with lato or seaweed. The crab was smothered with creamy coco milk sauce! All of the main dishes were good, yet they were all lightly seasoned that my taste buds were left longing for that special spike or something.  

Badjao Seafront's clam soup
clam soup in clear broth
Badjao Seafront's sizzling squid
sizzling squid
Badjao Seafront's crab in coco milk sauce
crab in coco milk sauce
Badjao Seafront's grilled fish with lato
grilled fish with lato

The Comida also includes a hefty serving of ensaladang talong; a mixture of grilled eggplants, tomatoes and onions tossed in vinegar dressing. Then at the end of the meal, fresh slices of pineapple and watermelons were served. While the rest of the family had coconuts (shake for Ed, fresh juice in the shell for the parents), my kalamansi iced tea kept me and my fragile stomach company throughout the feast. 

Badjao Seafront's ensaladang talong
ensaladang talong
Badjao Seafront's fruit slices
fresh fruit slices
Badjao Seafront's buko juice and kalamansi iced tea
buko juice and iced tea

Badjao Seafront gave our Puerto Princesa vacation a wonderful start. The Comida has a very reasonable price of Php 950 (drinks not included). Though the main dishes failed to meet my great expectations, I still think the whole set meal is worth every peso. And besides, the missing piece was compensated by the stunning views and the lovely ambiance very well!

Badjao Seafront Restaurant
Abueg Road
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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