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Jun 10, 2014

BurgerFuel: Fresh, Healthy and Unusual Gourmet Burgers

I have a 3-year old love affair with a burger! It all started at JBR-The Walk. Ed and I were heading to the beach when we passed by the odd-looking burger joint with outlandish burger names. Hot Rod. Ford Freakout. BF Monster. Those names had me bursting with curiosity! Though I found the whole vibe too masculine, I still wanted to give it a try. The simple case of curiosity eventually became a case of love at first bite. And from then on, BurgerFuel became an all-time favorite. 

In 1995, in New Zealand, BurgerFuel gave the ordinary big bad burger an overhaul. It was the year when the world's most wicked food turned healthier and a much better fuel to the human body. Since then, BurgerFuel has been engineering the ultimate burger; offering freshly built burgers with 100% pure grass-fed beef or hormone-free chicken with fresh and natural ingredients, as well as gluten-free and vegan options. It fascinated not just the Australasia, but the Middle East as well.

BurgerFuel eye-catching logo along Jumeirah Beach Road

As a big fan, I was on cloud nine when an invitation to dine at BurgerFuel arrived in my inbox. Honestly, I was quite puzzled at first. Is there a need for a burger tasting? Everybody knows and everybody loves BurgerFuel. And besides, I can actually write a post with two thumbs up without accepting the invitation. :) But then, I realized that it's going to be exceptional; something that couldn't make me say "been there, ate that for the nth time". 

The tasting venue is Burgerfuel's strange two-story building clad in black panels along Jumeirah Beach Road; the one that has the world's first gourmet burger drive-thru! It also happened that a week prior the tasting, I stumbled across BurgerFuel's poster of the PBJ, the limited edition burger, in a shopping mall. I was very much intrigued with the eccentric Peanut, Burger, Jelly combination. Will it make me love BurgerFuel more? Or will it be the only gourmet burger I'm going loathe?

the strange-looking BurgerFuel store along Jumeirah Beach Road
the strange-looking BurgerFuel store along Jumeirah Beach Road

Ed and I went to BurgerFuel in Jumeirah Beach Road for early dinner last Saturday. I found the all-black exterior unusual; definitely not like the other burger joints in town! The design and color scheme may not be that appetite-stimulating, yet the well-known BurgerFuel logo along the road is enough to attract customers. Despite the strange futuristic facade, it possesses the classic BurgerFuel theme inside; the bizarre light fixtures, the communal table, and the cool and casual atmosphere.

BurgerFuel's cool and casual interior
BurgerFuel's cool and casual interior

With a goal to have the weirdest burger of them all, I bravely asked for the PBJ in the counter. Two of the staff gave me a worried look, asked me if it's my first time at BurgerFuel and diverted my attention to the burger that I usually have. Perhaps the PBJ received some criticism, which is really not surprising at all. It has the out of this world combination of peanut sauce, balsamic strawberries, strawberry jam, melted cheddar and grass-fed beef! It is so weird that only weird foodies would understand. While my husband settled on the safe side with his usual CN Cheese, I dared myself and had the PBJ.     

BurgerFuel's gourmet burgers and spud fries
BurgerFuel's gourmet burgers and spud fries
BurgerFuel's CN Cheese and PBJ
left: half of the CN Cheese / right: half of the PBJ

As always, service was fast and friendly. We exchanged little chitchats with the staff and  received our made to order burgers promptly. We had our burgers cut into half. BurgerFuel's gourmet burgers are huge that half of it can be saved for later or can be shared. I placed half of my PBJ in my Doofer (BurgerFuel's patented burger holder), saw the strawberry slices and felt the sticky jam in my fingers. What have I gotten myself into? 

BurgerFuel's PBJ stirred both my imagination and my taste buds. What seemed to be a fiasco created a great explosion of flavours in my mouth! I vividly felt the different textures and the contrast; the richness of the peanut sauce, the sweetness of the strawberry jam, the tang of the balsamic strawberry slices, the juicy grass-fed beef, and the fresh lettuce and the mild cheddar cheese in between. The fusion is surprisingly delicious and pleasantly unexplainable. Ed was amazed that I was able to consume everything, including the half that I was planning to share. It is so good that I'm actually wishing it would stay in the menu forever!  

Burger Fuel's PBJ
PBJ, Peanut Burger Jelly, the weirdest burger ever!

Along with our gourmet burgers, we had our favorite Spud Fries with fresh natural aioli dip. Thicker, yummier and more filling, it is incomparable to the ones that we can get from the fast food counter. BurgerFuel also serves the ultimate shakes! I always have the strawberry flavor, but since I was having a gourmet burger with strawberries that night, I had chocolate instead. It is gloriously creamy and comforting; a perfect match to my weird yet delicious PBJ.
Burger Fuel's Spud Fries

Lady and her Burger Fuel chocolate shakeLady and the chocolate shake and PBJ combo

I have loved BurgerFuel since day one, and I have no plan of falling out. It is the only burger place where I can be fully satisfied yet guilt-free. BurgerFuel offers not just the most scrumptious gourmet burgers but also the healthier ones in an environment-friendly way. It has been in the UAE since 2010, but still growing and still up for surprises; like the ultimate gourmet burger drive thru experience at Jumeirah Beach Road and the shockingly delicious PBJ. I wonder what's next! :)

BurgerFuel drive thru at Jumeirah Beach Road
BurgerFuel drive thru at Jumeirah Beach Road

A portion of BurgerFuel's menu:
(Please check out BurgerFuel's UAE website for the complete menu list and store locations.) 

BurgerFuel menu 1BurgerFuel menu 2

Jumeirah Beach Road 
opposite Saga World
Contact # 04 3386924

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