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Aug 21, 2014

My Five Favorite Filipino Restaurants in Dubai

I have tons of reasons why I'm in love with Dubai, and culinary diversity is one. My taste buds have learned to love authentic cuisines from other nations. But the more I appreciate the different flavors of the world, the more I keep running back to the taste I am familiar with. 

I'm glad that there are Filipino restaurants that I can run to when my kitchen prowess isn't enough to whip up a special Filipino meal. Some of the restaurants are homegrown; the food outlets I have already loved back in the Philippines. And most are "Made in Dubai"; the small eateries and the lavish buffet restaurants that always make me happy and proud.    

my favorite Filipino restaurants in Dubai

There is a long list of Filipino restaurants in this multicultural city. Because of diversity, there is something for everyone, every time. I do have my favorites and I'm happy to share them in this post.  

for special occasions: Lamesa Restaurant in Asiana Hotel

Lamesa is a sophisticated Filipino restaurant in Asiana hotel. Famous Filipino dishes such as kare-kare and lechon are served alongside International cuisine in a sprawling buffet. Lechon!!! The hotel restaurant is allowed to serve pork, hence there's a designated section for the well-loved yet high in cholesterol dishes!

I love the elegant yet warm ambiance, the well-presented and flavorful dishes and the variety of choices at a very reasonable price. I think Lamesa is a wonderful choice for special occasions and get-togethers. It is also a good place to dine when you want to subtly introduce Filipino cuisine to a foreign friend. 

Lamesa Restaurant in Asiana Hotel Dubai
Lamesa Restaurant: a fine-dining Filipino restaurant in Asiana Hotel
Filipino Buffet at Lamesa Restaurant in Asiana Hotel Dubai
Craving for lechon, lechon kawali, crispy pata? Have some at Lamesa! :)
Price (as of August 2014):
Daily Dinner Buffet: 89+ AED
*Lamesa also has Brunch and Lunch Buffets! For more info, please contact the restaurant.

Lamesa Restaurant 
Asiana Hotel
Salahuddin Road, Deira, Dubai
Contact # 04 238 7777

for fried chicken cravings: Max's Restaurant

I get fried chicken cravings... a lot! And when I want it authentically "Pinoy", I go to Max's Restaurant. Yes, it's the famous "sarap to the bones" restaurant in the Philippines that serves delicious fried chicken with juicy and tender meat beneath the crispy golden skin without a thick batter! 

Dining at Max's Restaurant in Dubai brings back good memories of family luncheons and dinners. It is perfectly patterned to the Max's Restaurants in the Philippines. It offers a very homey ambiance, an extra-friendly service from an all-Filipino crew, and the same delectable Filipino food on the menu that I have grown up with! 

Max's Restaurant in Karama Dubai
The well-loved Max's Restaurant is in the UAE.
Fiesta Meal at Max's restaurant
It's always a fiesta with Max's Fiesta Plate Meal! 
(a quarter of Max's fried chicken, lumpiang ubud, rice and caramel bar)
Max's combo meals: from 18 to 38 AED

Max's Restaurant
Spinney's Bldg, Karama, Dubai 
Contact # 04 325 7797
*Max's Restaurant also has branches in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

for food delivery: Chowking

Although the restaurant's name sounds Chinese, Chowking is a popular food chain based in the Philippines. Here in the UAE, Chowking is everywhere; not just in food courts but also in swanky places like JBR-The Walk!  

Whenever I couldn't spend some time in the kitchen, I call for food delivery. And Chowking is always a top choice whether I'm at work or at home. What I love about Chowking delivery is the fast service and the freshly-cooked Oriental dishes. You can even track down the delivery if you placed your order online! So, when I crave for dimsum or bistek or even halo-halo, Chowking is just a phone call away!   
Chowking's fried chicken lauriat
Chowking's fried chicken lauriat 
Chowking food delivery in Dubai UAE
healthy options: vegetable chao fan + stir fried kang kong
For prices, store location and delivery, please refer to Chowking Middle East's official website

for Filipino comfort food: Pita Restaurant

No fuss, no frills, just good ol' Filipino food... that's Pita! Just a stone throw away from BurJuman Metro Station, Pita Restaurant brings pure culinary delight to Filipinos living in Bur Dubai and Karama. With its warm and cozy atmosphere, dining at Pita is like dining in the comforts of home.  

Pita is our foodie destination for a simple weekend lunch. For me, they serve the tastiest Bulalo in town! Clearly, the Bulalo (beef shank soup with marrow bones) is their best seller as I seldom find a table without it. Another must-try is their cheesecake; not the usual cheesecake but a simple Filipino version of it. It is actually a sponge cake topped with lots and lots of grated cheese! Yummy!     

Pita Restaurant in Karama Dubai
Pita: a simple Filipino restaurant in Karama
Pita Restaurant's bulalo
The Bestseller: Pita's Bulalo
a complete meal for 2 people: from 50 to 70 AED

Pita Restaurant
near BurJuman Metro Station Exit 2
Karama, Dubai
Contact # 04 397 4384 

for a traditional combo meal: Cabalen's Binalot

Tuck in the streets of Karama is modest Filipino restaurant with a unique concept. Cabalen's Binalot is a small eatery with less than 10 tables, yet a clean and pleasing spot to have a proper meal. And because 'binalot' means 'wrapped', the restaurant takes us back in time when lunch boxes still doesn't exist. Their combo meals are wrapped in banana leaves!

Cabalen's Binalot also serves a la carte Filipino dishes, but we always go for their famous specialty. Each binalot has a generous portion of steamed rice topped with boiled egg, tomato and a classic Filipino dish. Our favorites are Dinakdakan Beef, Rellenong Bangus and Daing na Bangus. 
Cabalen's Binalot in Karama Dubai
traditional Filipino meal wrapped in banana leaves
Daing na Bangus at Cabalen's Binalot in Karama Dubai
a heap of steamed rice topped with daing na bangus, with boiled egg and tomato on the side   
Binalot: 15 AED 

Cabalen's Binalot Restaurant
Shop #29, Mabrooka Bldg 
Street #7, Al Karama, Dubai
Contact # 04 379 5000

So, those are my five favorite Filipino restaurants in Dubai. 
Feel free to share your faves at the comment section below! :)

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