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Aug 28, 2014

Campuestohan Highland Resort: Fun in the Highlands

Nestled in the lush slopes of Mt. Makawili in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, is a 5 hectare mountain resort bustling with scenic views, fun activities and relaxation spots. With its uniqueness and world-class facilities, Campuestohan Highland Resort quickly made a name and became a premier tourist destination in the province.

During our homecoming last year, I never had the time to visit Campuestohan and I went back to Dubai with regrets. I'd cringe with envy every time I see photos of family and friends at the resort. Hence, three months ago, on our recent holiday in the Philippines, Campuestohan Highlands took the number one spot in my places-to-visit list!    

Lady and Ed in Campuestohan Highland Resort

With so much excitement and great expectations, my family and I arrived at Campuestohan Highland Resort when most cottages were still unoccupied and pools were still unused. It was a cool summer day. Thick white clouds loomed over the mountain resort. The sun rays were extra gentle rather than scorching. I felt the cool mist on my skin as my senses succumbed to the relaxing sight of nature. 

On the first few hours of wandering, I realized that the resort offers much more than what I expected. It may sound a cliche, but I must say "It's more fun in Campuestohan". :)

Campuestohan Highland Resort in Talisay Philippines
Welcome to the highlands! 

Things to do at Campuestohan Highland Resort:

1. unwind in a fantasy land (for a day or two)
Campuestohan Highland Resort brings our fantasy places to life! There's a shoe house that reminds me of a rhyme in my old nursery book. Remember that old woman who lived in a shoe? :) There is also a charming log cabin; a cozy spot for a sweet escape just like in romantic novels. And just across the bridge are Bonita Huts, wooden igloo-shaped accommodation, which made me think of hobbit-holes in Middle Earth.

shoe house at Campuestohan Highland Resort
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe...
log cabin at Campuestohan Highland Resort
a charming log cabin in the wilderness
bonita huts at Campuestohan Highland Resort
Frodo, where are you?

2. see your favorite Superheroes
Situated in the middle of the resort is an attraction that can fascinate both the kids and the kids-at-heart. The stunning replicas of tv personalities and movie characters can surely make the imagination run wild. Here, you can hang out with The Avengers, do some karate moves with Kung Fu Panda, and frolic in the play area with Bumblebee!    

superheroes at Campuestohan Highland Resort
MJ and some of The Avengers
The Hulk at Campuestohan Highland Resort
goofing around with the kids and The Incredible Hulk 
Kung Fu Panda at Campuestohan Highland Resort
Everybody was kung fu fighting....
Transformers at Campuestohan Highland Resort
Autobots, transform and roll out! 

3. surrender to King Kong
Another amazing structure at Campuestohan Highlands is the larger than life replica of a movie monster. King Kong's loud growl can be heard throughout the mountain resort. But how ironic, instead of scaring the visitors away, the throbbing roar lured everyone to come nearer! Some even surrendered to King Kong's grasp! We did! How can you not? It is majestic and mind-blowing! 

King Kong at Campuestohan Highland Resort
King Kong and his captives at Campuestohan Highland Resort
King Kong and his captives

4. swim in a giant footprint
It's as though a giant wandered in the area and left two footprints behind! Forgive my wild imagination, I'm talking about Campuestohan Highland Resort's swimming pools in the shape of giant footprints. As the entrance fee of Php 150 already includes pool access, don't forget to bring your swimwear and splash in the cool footprint shaped pool as long as you want! 

footprint shaped pool at Campuestohan Highland Resort
cool footprint-shaped pool
swimming at Campuestohan Highland Resort
The family that swims together stays afloat together. :) 
swimming pool at Campuestohan Highland Resort
the smaller pool and the wondrous view of the city

5. have a bird's-eye view from the hanging bridge
Campuestohan Highland Resort's hanging bridge is a good vantage point to see the whole resort, the lush mountains and the city from afar! I'm not a big fan of adventures, hence I got a little scared every time the bridge sways beneath my feet. Nevertheless, walking to and fro was a fun experience. 

hanging bridge at Campuestohan Highland Resort
everything looks better at the top

6. bike in the sky 
The sky bicycle at Campuestohan Highlands is the first in the region. It made my husband so giddy as it is a whole new daredevil experience he ought to try. The suspended bicycle runs along a tightrope just above the hanging bridge. It looks petrifying! So, I just watched my husband, along with some of the family members, pedal their way to the other side.    

sky bicycle at Campuestohan Highland Resort
not just your ordinary bicycle ride
sky bikers at Campuestohan Highland Resort
the tightrope bikers
Ed in the sky bicycle at Campuestohan Highland Resort
definitely his kind of fun 

7. zip line with a view
Zip line is the only thrilling attraction that I can handle, hence I was courageous enough to dare my niece and my cool Dad to take the adventure with me. I still had cold feet and sweaty hands. On the deck, I was a worry-wart. But while ziplining, I was Wonder Woman! Hah! I was so happy that I was able break away from the tension. Campuestohan Highland Resort's aerial view from the zip line is breathtaking! It was definitely worth every pump of my adrenaline. 

zipline at Campuestohan Highland Resort
amazing view from up above
extreme adventure at Campuestohan Highland Resort
The Cool Dad on his extreme adventure

8. take the challenge at the Rope Course
A mere glance of Campuestohan Highland Resort's rope course made my scoliotic spine shiver! I knew my fragile body, especially my abnormally curved spine, couldn't handle the physical stress. So, I happily served as a photographer to my husband and my niece. The extreme trail consists of hanging planks, tires, nets and ropes. The course is quite lengthy that it took them almost an hour to reach the finish line! Tip: If you'd love to do the rope course, bring your sporty shoes!      

rope course at Campuestohan Highland Resort
the loooong rope course; a test for the confidence and the stamina
the fun challenge at Campuestohan Highland Resort
halfway through
Ed at the rope course in Campuestohan Highland Resort
The fearless husband traversed the difficult course with pleasure!

9. ride a horse
This I haven't done during our visit, but it sure would be awesome to revel in the beauty of nature while horseback riding! Next time, I wouldn't let this pass. I'll gallop through the lush surroundings with spectacular views of the forest mountain nearby.

horseback riding at Campuestohan Highland Resort
horseback riding in the highlands

10. Eat! 
At Campuestohan Highlands, you can either bring your own food and have a picnic in the open cottage, or you can go to the resort's Pavilion and dine comfortably at the restaurant. As I never wanted our getaway to be a hassle, I suggested that we'd skip the home-cooking. We had our lunch at the Pavilion; prices are not that bad, food were freshly cooked, served hot and delicious! 

Pavilion in Campuestohan Highland Resort
Campuestohan Highland Resort's Pavilion
lunch at Campuestohan Highland Resort
lunch with the family at the restaurant
food at Campuestohan Highland Resort's restaurant
some of the delish food we had

After all the fun, the next best thing to do is to BOND! Whether with family or friends, bonding is at its finest at the very impressive mountain resort. The cool temperature relaxes the senses, leaving you with happy thoughts that you'll remember forever! 

thumbs up for Campuestohan Highland Resort
thumbs up for Campuestohan Highland Resort
thumbs up for Campuestohan Highland Resort
family bonding in the highlands

Campuestohan Highland Resort's Rates:
(as of May 2014)
Entrance Fee: Php 150/person
Day Cottages: from Php 400 to Php 1000
Overnight Accommodation: from Php 2500 to Php 5000
Horseback Riding: Php 150
Rope Course: Php 200
Sky Bicycle: Php 100
Zipline: Php 200

The rates provided may have changed. 
Please visit the resort's website or Facebook Page to view the current tariff.
TIP: Place your reservation ahead of time! :)

Campuestohan Highland Resort
Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Contact # +63 34 702 0964

How to get there? Check out the resort's official website! They can also arrange a shuttle service! 

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