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Jan 23, 2015

Rogo's: The Roller Coaster Restaurant in Yas Mall

I usually don't care much when a certain roller coaster make it to the headlines, but Rogo's sparked my interest. Firstly, it's not something that would scare the hell out of me. It's not a thrilling ride but a restaurant with a roller coaster concept. Secondly, it's the first of its kind in the UAE and the largest in the world. Thirdly, it is the only place where my love for fun-dining and Ed's fascination for roller coasters go along! 

So, when we took a little trip to Yas Island in Abu Dhabi early this month, I made sure we can check out the  much talked about Rogo's the roller coaster restaurant in Yas Mall.     

roller coaster restaurant in Yas Mall
Rogo's the roller coaster restaurant in Yas Mall

Rogo's One-of-a-kind Concept
I searched for Rogo's the minute we arrived in Yas Mall. It was past noon when we spotted the restaurant at the 1st level near the naturally lighted main atrium. Honestly, I was surprised to see an empty front desk. Was it too early for lunch? I think so. I couldn't help but compare it to Dubai's dining situation in newly opened famous restaurants though.

It's quite strange, yet a delight not to fall in line and not to be told "wait for pager to buzz." The staff at the desk immediately gave us her warm greetings, noted that we are a group of four and asked what my name is. She handed us over to another staff who led us to our table. And as we walked to our designated spot in a communal table for 10, the happenings inside Rogo's filled us with so much awe.

Rogo's mutli-spiral, double loop and tornado tracks
Rogo's has mutli-spiral, double loop and tornado tracks running from the kitchen to the tables.
roller coaster system in a restaurant
Food and beverages swoosh through this spectacular roller coaster system.
Rogo's restaurant
Rogo's is a two floor restaurant with 360 seats. This amazing view of the track is from the second floor. 

How to Order at Rogo's
Rogo's is so techie from start to finish. Placing of orders is made in a tablet. For online shopping addicts, ordering is easy peasy, but for those who are not into it, it's somehow confusing. Good thing, even with that kind of system, there are wait staff offering assistance. 

So, basically, it's like shopping in the web where you can select from different categories, click on the items you want to purchase, review your selected items in the "cart" and proceed to check out once you're sure. 

The menu is extensive. I found French, British, American, Italian, Indian, and even Moroccan dishes in Home Comforts list. Bestsellers come from the Pasta Station and Burger Stop categories according to the staff, so we stopped sliding our fingers from one page to another and decided to select from the dishes he mentioned.  

Rogo's menu tablet
Each seat at Rogo's has a tablet with an electronic menu.   
Lady at Rogo's roller coaster restaurant
Orders are placed in a techie way!

Rogo's: "Where all good things come from above."
A few minutes after pressing the check out button, our drinks in sealed mason jars went on a series of loops adjacent to the restaurant's second level, swooshed down the spiral track and zoomed to our table. Amazing! In every swooshing sound, I tilted my head to the tracks above us until our meals in covered metal pots arrived. 

Each item was securely fastened, like a person having a thrilling roller coaster ride, in a food carrier. Since the table is communal, the food carriers are labeled by seat number to avoid confusion.

Ed at Rogo's rollercoaster restaurant
Ed taking out our drinks from the carrier.
Rogo's beverages in mason jars
Rogo's beverages in mason jars
lunch at Rogo's Yas Mall
my parents unfastening the "seat belts" of our meals
metal pots at Rogo's roller coaster restaurant
the metal pots: securely fastened and labelled 

The Food that went on a Roller Coaster Ride
Now the big question is, after all the hoops and the loops, "How's the food?" Surprisingly, all were still presentable, even my risotto arrived with all the garnishing in place! With the pull of gravity, I don't know how it happened, so please don't ask. :) 

At Rogo's, diners can eat straight from the pot or can ask for plates if they are willing to share. We did the latter, hence I was able to try four dishes. Ed had the bestseller Rogo's Tornado Burger. It has a thick beef patty, lettuce, tomato and cheese in a sesame bun, and fries in separate metal pot. My mom ordered Seafood Linguine. The pasta is al dente, sauce has a hint of spice and with a generous serving of mussels, calamari and shrimp. 

Rogo's Tornado Burger
Rogo's Tornado Burger
Rogo's Seafood Linguine
Rogo's Seafood Linguine

My father had Mozzarella and Roast Veggies Focaccia from the Sandwich Stroll category. The simple-looking sandwich has tasty mozzarella slices, vegetables and special basil pesto sauce; so delish that I asked if I could have one-fourth of it! :) My choice was Wild Mushroom Truffle Risotto. It's flavorful, a little less creamy than the ones I had in Italian restaurants, yet left a good impression in my palate.   

Rogo's Mozzarella and Roast Veggies Focaccia
Rogo's Mozzarella and Roast Veggies Focaccia
Rogo's Wild Mushroom Truffle Risotto
Rogo's Wild Mushroom Truffle Risotto

Surely, state-of-the-art dining experience comes with a price. For me, it was fair enough. Never in my whole life did I think that a restaurant such as Rogo's could exist. Whoever made this is a genius! I love it. My family love it. And it seemed like the other two couples sitting next to us love Rogo's as well. After all, with its awesomeness, there's no room for hate. ;)

family at Rogo's the roller coaster restaurant
family fun-dining at Rogo's the roller coaster restaurant

Watch Rogo's the roller coaster restaurant in action! 

Tornado Burger: 59 AED
Seafood Linguine: 57 AED
Mozzarella and Roast Veggies Focaccia: 47 AED
Wild Mushroom Truffle Risotto: 51 AED
Lemon and Mint drink: 19 AED
Iced Tea: 19 AED

Rogo's The Roller Coaster Restaurant
Yas Mall, Level 1
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

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