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Apr 9, 2015

Gourmet Burger Kitchen: Fresh Handcrafted Burgers in Dubai

During a spontaneous lunch in a seafood restaurant with a friend, she casually told me how much she adores Gourmet Burger Kitchen and asked if I have already tried it. When I said "no, not yet", she went on with recommendations which made me think of juicy burger patties instead of the grilled squid I was munching. It was a wonderful coincidence because on that very same day, Ed and I were invited for dinner at GBK Dubai Marina Mall branch. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, or simply GBK, was established in London by three gentlemen from New Zealand on 2001. They created an upscale burger joint with a Kiwi theme. Most people may already have gone tired of the typical burger from fast food chains and wanted something beyond the ordinary; something like the handcrafted, made to order, prime burgers loaded with fresh and interesting ingredients! So, GBK became a hit! Now, there are over 60 branches in the UK, Greece, Oman and Dubai.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Dubai Marina Mall
Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Dubai Marina Mall

Ed and I arrived in Dubai Marina Mall with high anticipation. We immediately looked for GBK; at first in the Food Court because I committed a research mistake (Shame!), then at the Promenade. We eventually found it in the latter, exactly in front Waitrose supermaket. 

We chose a couch just across the counter with an imposing Burger Obsessed signage. It was my first visit, yet I was pretty sure GBK obsession does exist. Based on my friend's rave, she's currently in that state. :)   

Gourmet Burger Kitchen's vibe is cool and casual. We were attended by a friendly staff in an instant and I was surprised to receive a huge cardboard menu from her. GBK has an extensive list of appetizers, burger varieties, sides, sauces, salads and beverages.   

Lady at Gourmet Burger Kitchen Dubai
Prepare to be Burger Obsessed! 

Ed and I were so keen on the burgers that we couldn't stop asking for best sellers and recommendations. With our excitement to be "burger obsessed", our server had to remind us to order drinks and starters first! She said I have to try the Fresh and Fizzy; a flavored drink made of fresh mint, lemon and lime. I ordered the Watermelon flavor, but I was actually about to go for a milkshake if not for her. I guess it was best to trust her, and I'm glad I did. The drink is light and refreshing, and perhaps I could say that it's less evil than the milkshake. Hehehe.     

As the burgers at GBK are made to order, it is essential to choose a starter from the "While You Wait" list. I chose the Halloumi Bites because other than the fact that I love cheese, I wanted to have a starter dish that I couldn't find in other burger joints. The Halloumi cubes are skewered and lightly grilled. I love its mild saltiness and the chewy texture. So good that I would, again, choose it over hot wings or onion rings next time. 

drinks at Gourmet Burger Kitchen Dubai
Fresh and Fizzy for me / Lemon Mint for Ed
Halloumi Bites at Gourmet Burger Kitchen Dubai
Halloumi Bites

A few minutes later, our highly anticipated gourmet burgers came. As I can see and feel that my flabs are getting worse, I'm currently focused on the lighter and "healthier" options; hence I got the newly launched Salmon Burger. But with its size, I wouldn't consider it light at all! 

GBK's Salmon Burger has a gigantic slab of grilled salmon tucked in a giant bun! How big? So BIG that taking a bite out is difficult; fork and knife are needed! It looks so good with the fresh rocket leaves, pickles and Tartare sauce dripping on the sides. It tastes simple and fresh. The creamy sauce and the peppery flavor of rocket leaves went so well with the subtle taste of the salmon meat. I like it, but if ever I'll have it next time, I must not forget to tell the staff that I want my salmon medium well as what I had was a little overdone. 

Salmon Burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen Dubai
Salmon Burger

Ed had the best-selling Wagyu Burger. It's the burger that my friend couldn't stop raving about! And we understood why when it arrived on our table. It has a thick burger patty made of Wagyu Beef, house mayo, salad and smoked Cheddar. It looks overwhelmingly ginormous that even my husband who's not into food photography took out his phone to take a photo! Ed preferred the beef patty well done and it turned out to be faultless. It's deliciously juicy and very filling. 

We shared a serving of Chili Cheese Fries on the side. It's overloaded with meat and cheese. Since we were already so overwhelmed with the burgers, we felt having a meaty and cheesy side dish was a wrong decision. I think Sweet Potato Fries is a better burger partner!    

Wagyu Burger in Gourmet Burger Kitchen Dubai
Wagyu Burger
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Chili Cheese Fries at Gourmet Burger Kitchen Dubai
Chili Cheese Fries

Gourmet Burger Kitchen wouldn't be called gourmet for nothing. Prices are high-end, but you'll receive what you paid for: a prime gigantic burger! It's good and filling that Ed and I only finished half of our burgers, had the rest for take-away and went home with no space for dessert. Splurge-worthy? If you're in search for high-quality burgers, definitely a yes! 

Halloumi Bites: 24 AED
Salmon Burger: 55 AED
Wagyu Burger: 65 AED
Chili Cheese Fries: 25 AED
Fresh and Fizzy: 19 AED
Lemon Mint:19 AED

Gourmet Burger Kitchen
- Dubai Marina Mall - Promenade
- Mirdif City Centre - Level 1
- DIFC - Gate 5 - Level B1

*for delivery, dial 800 BURGER (800 287437)
* for promotions, please visit Gourmet Burger Kitchen MENA's official Facebook Page.

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