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Apr 26, 2015

Friday Brunch at Original Wings and Rings

What can make a lady who's never ever into sports and who can live without alcohol spend a couple of hours inside a sports bar? Food! Good comfort food! :) 

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to dine at Original Wings and Rings. The name of the restaurant made me accept the invite in an instant. It sounds like a casual American bistro serving one of the best comfort food ever created... Buffalo Wings! It was only after I gave my big fat yes that I turned to Google for a little research. The info that Mr. Google gave me caught me off guard. Original Wings and Rings is a sports bar in Liberty House in DIFC with a tagline "Eat. Drink. Talk Loudly."

Of course, I was elated with the eating part. But the drinking and talking loudly? Uhmm. I have to be honest that I was scared I'd be a little out of place. 

Original Wings and Rings in DIFC
Original Wings and Rings in DIFC

I initially felt weird the moment I saw a bouncer at Original Wings and Rings doorway. It's not him. It's me! The big guy was super friendly. He told us to wait for our turn at the reception and even gamely posed for a photo. The weird feeling came from deep within because I have never been to a sports bar in the middle of the day! 

Then, we were escorted to the bar with a lively crowd - everyone with a beer or a cocktail in hand. I saw my husband's face lit up. He haven't had a beer for the longest time! And as for me, it was only when I saw plates of saucy chicken wings on each table that the excitement began. Foodie eh! 

As it was a Friday, buffet brunch was served. A long table of salads, starters, sliders and desserts was set up in a corner. Thankfully, we were seated just beside the buffet; hence I didn't have to endure walking through the crowd to grab a munch. 

beverage station at Original Wings and Rings
beverage station
buffet at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
buffet and a view
Friday Brunch at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
all-you-can-eat hearty American food: salads, starters, sliders

Ed and I made a trip to the buffet table a couple of times. I personally love the salad and the crispy nachos! The quesadillas were good as well, but I felt it could have been better if it was served straight out from the kitchen to our table; cheese could have been more gooey! 

Original Wings and Rings is not just famous for buffalo wings and onion rings. It's also known as a burger restaurant. So on my second plate, I got a mini burger and another bunch of nachos to munch. The patty is said to be handcrafted and is made of 100% pure beef. No wonder why it's super juicy, natural-tasting and quite heavy on the stomach!  

starters at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
fries, salad, nachos, quesadilla
burger at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
a slider and another serving of nachos

In between our trips to the buffet table, we ordered OWR's superstars! First up was the onion rings with ranch dip. The menu says "You came for rings, you won't be disappointed." It was a promise that was greatly fulfilled. The rings are gigantic in size and in taste! The hand breaded rings have the right amount of coating; not too thick, not too thin. It's fresh, crispy and perfectly seasoned!

The wings? Oh the wings were the bomb! OWR serves fresh and never frozen chicken wings based on the customer's preference. It can either be boneless, tenders or traditional. There are eight kinds of special sauces to choose from and four levels of spice! 

We sampled the traditional wings in best-selling sauces at a mild spicy level; Garlic Parmesan and Crazy. We had the boneless wings in Lemon Pepper and Buffalo. Each sauce is bold and distinct. The wings are so perfect; crispy chicken skin outside, tender savory meat inside. Best wings ever? By far, YES!  

onion rings at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
hand breaded onion rings
Lady at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
Gigantic yummy rings!
chicken wings at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
traditional wings in Crazy sauce and in Garlic Parmesan
boneless wings at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
Ed can't get enough of the boneless wings!

And as my husband gulped his second beer, I was tempted to have a glass of frozen margarita! Yes, I have succumbed to the boisterous atmosphere and had a cocktail at noon! Bad girl.. Nah just having a grand time! :) 

Then, I went back to the buffet table to grab a simple yet deliciously creamy cheesecake and a rich chocolate cake with nuts and caramel syrup. I ate it quietly with gusto while all the others were still drinking and talking loudly! I smiled as I read the taglines on the wall. I have proven every single word correct on that day. Great food. No bull! :)     

cocktail at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
frozen margarita: the only cocktail I can handle (FACT!)
desserts at Original Wings and Rings Dubai
Friday Brunch desserts 

Friday Brunch with unlimited house drinks: 249 AED/person
non-alcoholic package: 149 AED

Original Wings and Rings
Liberty House
DIFC, Dubai
For more information, please visit OWR's official website:

nearest Metro Station: Financial Centre

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