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Jun 26, 2015

Ginger All Day Dining at Park Rotana

During our recent staycation in Abu Dhabi, Ed and I had five consecutive meals in the same restaurant. You may think it's boringly monotonous - same ambiance, same food for three days, but it was definitely NOT! 

For 3 days and 2 nights, we had our meals in a culinary powerhouse that managed to transform its ambiance and offerings from laid-back, to lively, to lavish in matter of hours. Ginger, Park Rotana's all day dining, is as versatile as the aromatic spice it was named after! 

Ginger All Day Dining in Park Rotana
Ginger All Day Dining in Park Rotana 

Excellent Breakfast at Ginger
Ginger gave our taste buds a wake-up call during breakfast. The restaurant is well-lit, making its color scheme more vibrant and refreshing. A vast selection of pastries, cereals, fry ups and healthy options dotted the buffet tables. 

The whole spread is impressive, but what amazed me the most is the fresh honey dripping from a real honeycomb. I haven't seen a honeycomb before, so I spent seconds of my every trip to the buffet examining and taking pictures of it! And because of that, I took all the breakfast offerings that require honey on top - french toast, muesli, cereal! Hahah!   

breakfast in Park Rotana
breakfast hour at Ginger 
amazing breakfast spread in Park Rotana
amazing breakfast spread
honey straight from the honeycomb
honey straight from the honeycomb
salad bar at Park Rotana
salad bar

For breakfast, Ginger has a live cooking station for egg dishes. I requested for a mushroom and ham omelette with lots and lots of cheese. The chef happily obliged! He created a super cheesy omelette which others made find way too gooey, but to me, it's perfect! :)    

The service is as awesome as the food and the ambiance! The staff were so attentive; from serving coffee refills to offering reading materials. So, the husband kept up with what's going on in the Gulf as I had another round of natural honey-topped toast!  

Lady in Ginger at Park Rotana
extremely cheesy omelette as per my request
morning staples in Ginger at Park Rotana
morning staples 

Family Brunch Fiesta: Friday Brunch in Park Rotana
Every Friday, from 12noon to 4pm, Ginger is a lively brunch venue for the whole family. Ed and I were so surprised to arrive in a full-packed restaurant filled with giggles from children that has turned into butterflies, kittens and superheroes. 

Face painting and art activities kept the tots busy at the entrance of the restaurant. While inside, little foodies independently feasted on a mini buffet spread dedicated for them! Popcorn, cupcakes, chocolate lollipops and kids meal are placed in a counter within their reach. 

Family Brunch at Ginger
Family Brunch at Ginger
activities for the kids at Park Rotana
face paint and art for the kids 
kids buffet at Park Rotana
mini buffet for the mini guests

An array of International cuisines with fresh and healthy options were offered in the main buffet. As a seafood lover, I immensely adored the fresh seafood on a bed of ice placed right across the restaurant's entrance! Such a welcome treat! I also spotted a variety of healthy smoothies in a corner and a wide-range of special salads in the appetizers line-up.     

Fiesta at Park Rotana
healthy smoothies at Ginger Friday Brunch
healthy smoothies
salads at Ginger Friday Brunch
colorful salads

The long buffet in the center was crammed with pleasant diversity; from International cheeses to Arabic mezze! The equally enticing buffet counter on the side was lined with hot dishes and a live cooking station where a chef carefully carved a succulent roasted strip loin.   

cheese at Ginger Friday Brunch
Say Cheese! 
Arabic Mezze at Ginger Friday Brunch
Arabic Mezze
roasted beef at Ginger Friday Brunch
Roasted Strip Loin

Desserts are not to be missed at Ginger's Family Brunch Fiesta! I love the well-presented choices in the buffet and the stunning fondue station. I made a bee-line to the mountain of dippers and happily coated my choices at the strawberry and chocolate fountains!  

desserts at Ginger Friday Brunch
tempting desserts
chocolate fountain at Ginger Friday Brunch
 two fountains for the dippers

Themed Nights at Ginger
Ginger at Park Rotana is famous for its Themed Nights, and we're so lucky to experience not just one, but two special dinner buffets during our stay. 

Every Thursday night, Ginger serves a lavish seafood buffet under a chic atmosphere. I was so thrilled when I saw a bowl fresh oysters and an array of Japanese rolls! In the chafing dishes were tantalizing meals - paella, seafood lasagna, grilled lobster and a whole lot more! Freshly-cooked fish dishes were served in the live cooking and carving station.

live cooking at Ginger in Park Rotana
live cooking station 
Japanese Food at Ginger in Park Rotana
Japanese goodies: rolls and sushi
oysters at Ginger in Park Rotana
Seafood Night at Ginger in Park Rotana
more seafood goodness

Friday Night is International Night at Ginger. It is the kind of night when you let your taste buds roam the world! Italian pastas and British roast beef were served in the live cooking station. Indian food were kept warm in the chafing dishes. Japanese and Arabic cuisines were arranged in a long buffet counter. 

We explored the very diverse menu, but we left a huge room for sweets as we saw an assortment of cakes in the counter. We discovered that Ginger serves the best of the best carrot cake! It is generously topped with walnuts, perfectly fluffy and tasteful, and has just the right amount of sweetness!   

pasta station at Ginger in Park Rotana
pasta station
Arabic sweets at Ginger in Park Rotana
Arabic sweets
carrot cake at Ginger in Park Rotana
Best carrot cake ever!

During our stay, Ed and I noticed how well-loved Ginger is. It is one of the top restaurants in Abu Dhabi; a dining venue that attracts both hotel and non-hotel guests! It is buzzing, especially during Seafood Night and Friday Brunch; hence advance reservation is highly recommended 

Breakfast: complimentary to hotel guests
Family Brunch Fiesta (every Friday 12 to 4pm): starting at 150 AED per person
Pearls of the Sea (every Thursday Night): starting at 210 AED per person 
International Night (every Friday and Saturday): starting at 160 AED per person

Check out Ginger's dining promotions this Ramadan season at Park Rotana's official website.

Ginger All Day Dining
Park Rotana
Khalifa Park Road
Abu Dhabi
Contact # 02 657 3333

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