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Jun 16, 2015

#WhyNotPortraits: Portrait Photography by Mark Wilson

Ed and I were introduced to Mark Wilson a couple of months ago by a common friend. He is a fellow Pinoy expat in Dubai; an accountant by profession and a photographer by heart. His admirable passion for photography, particularly for portraits, gained him a large number of followers on Instagram.  

Ask him "Why portraits?" and he'll answer "Why not portraits?" without uncertainty. 

Mark's chosen genre has made him a visual storyteller. His Instagram gallery is a treasure trove of emotions and precious moments! So, the moment we met him personally, I secretly hoped he would ask if he can take a photo of me and Ed. Oh please set narcissism aside! Hahah! I simply want to have a new set of really good photos (not selfies and date night shots) that Ed and I can browse when we're old and gray. 

#whynotportraits by Mark Wilson 1

Eventually, a wonderful collaboration happened.

One weekend, at sunrise, Ed and I went on a sweet escape in Bastakiya - our favorite district in Dubai, while Mark did what he does best; capturing raw and real emotions, and making them last forever just by clicking the shutter. 

#whynotportraits by Mark Wilson 2

#whynotportraits by Mark Wilson 3

#whynotportraits by Mark Wilson 4

#whynotportraits by Mark Wilson 5

Ed and I are extremely grateful to Mark Wilson for the photos that depict who we really are. Decades from now, this will be a beautiful reminder of how cheesy and happy we are in our younger years. But I bet, we'll grow old cheesier and happier, and I hope Mark will be there to capture it all! :)  

Allow Mark to tell you a story with his masterpieces on Instagram - @makrwilson and #whynotportraits, and on Facebook - Why Not Portraits!  

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