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Sep 24, 2015

Boat Ride and Sunset in Fujairah

A few weeks before we went to Fujairah, our lovely host at Aparthotel Adagio Fujairah sent me an email about a possible boat trip at Fujairah International Marine Club. I immediately confirmed that we're up for it while hoping she could successfully book for an afternoon trip on a weekend. 

And we're so glad that everything went according to plan! :) 

boat trip in Fujairah
Cruising' along the coast of Fujairah

Fujairah International Marine Club plays a great role in marine sports and leisure activities in the East Coast. The club has been hosting international events such as powerboat races, jet ski competitions, and fishing tournaments.

The prestigious marine club also offers water activities to the public. Bookings can be made through their official website: Guests of Novotel, Ibis, and Aparthotel Adagio Fujairah can conveniently pre-arrange the activities with the help of the hotel staff.

Fujairah International Marine Club
Fujairah International Marine Club
berthing facility at FIMC
berthing facility at FIMC

Our boat trip was scheduled at half past four in the afternoon of a bright and breezy weekend. It was a pleasant day for a little water adventure! :)  

We trailed behind our private cruise captain until we reached the boat reserved for us. He welcomed us aboard and quickly gave an overview on what's going to happen. Apparently, our boat is a fishing speedboat. Uhmm, nice, but I secretly wished we'd skip the fishing part. The last time we went on a fishing trip, I threw up and nearly got dehydrated! Oh well!

speedboat in Fujairah
Our Ride: a speedboat with fishing rods
boat ride in Fujairah International Marine Club
water adventures in the East Coast start here

Before I could even react with the fishing thing, the engine roared and off we swiftly went to the sea. Our boat raced with the jet skis which made my husband extremely delighted. I giggled, got scared, laughed out loud, and got scared again. In short, I was a happy crazy woman on the first half of our trip! 

jet ski in Fujairah
a friendly competition between speedboat and jet ski
Lady in Fujairah
I got the crazy fun speedboat ride on video! Watch our short YouTube video at the end of this post! ;) 

The exhilarating ride halted in a fishing spot. Our speedboat gently bobbed on the surface of the deep sea; a calm movement that gave me a nausea attack in the past. The boat captain, who is probably a fishing master as well, set up the rods at the rear end of the speedboat while I silently fought off sea sickness. 

Fishing in Fujairah
Time to go fishing!

I diverted my attention to the sunset and the Hajar mountains. Mother Nature looked oh so lovely! I glanced at the Indian Ocean and felt small and humbled by the vastness. I looked at my dearest husband and appreciated the quiet quality time that we were sharing. It was a lovely experience; soothing and romantic. I reminded myself that moments like this are meant to be treasured and not to be ruined by a stupid weakness!

almost sunset in Fujairah
almost sunset in Fujairah
Ed and Lady in Fujairah
Boat trip and sunset are two things that go absolutely perfect together. 

We didn't catch any fish, but we went back to the hotel happy and very much contented. The 2-hour boat trip along the East Coast was more that what I expected. The experience was like a huge serving of special halo-halo; my mixed emotions are the ingredients, sunset is the leche flan and love is the ice cream on top!

Another one for the book! I am thankful!

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