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Sep 26, 2015

Skydive Dubai: Extreme Adventure over The Palm

This post was written by my husband. He blogs about his exhilarating adventures, mostly about the activities I would never dare to try, once in a blue moon! Let's give it up for my dearest Ed - a loving husband, a thrill-seeker, and a sporadic blogger! :) xoxo, Lady    

Birthday = Adrenaline Rush.

I personally think that turning a year older is a valid reason to do something epic, something that encompasses my passion and would make me feel thankful to be alive! So, I always reward myself with an adrenaline rushing activity every September.  

Last year, I parasailed over the Indian Ocean with my wife who happily obliged to my birthday request though it's way beyond her zone. Two years ago, I slid in the first 360-degree looping waterslide in the region. And way back 2011, bungee jumping in Macau Tower served as my late birthday reward. 

This year, I jumped off a plane and skydived above Palm Jumeirah!

Skydiving above Palm Jumeirah
Skydiving above Palm Jumeirah 

Yeah! I finally did it!

Skydiving has been in my bucketlist ever since Skydive Dubai was launched. I'm glad to tick it off in my list after several years of planning and waiting for the right time.

Booking a Tandem Jump at Skydive Dubai

It was my first skydiving experience, so the only option I had was to do a Tandem Jump (skydive with a professional instructor). I frequently checked Skydive Dubai's website for available slots for the month of September since mid-July. 

As the schedule was still not opened on the first week of August, I feared of not being able to reserve a spot, so I decided to give them a call. I was informed over the phone that they will open the online booking for September Tandem Jumps on the 2nd week of August. So again, with my determination to secure two slots (one for a friend), I checked the website almost everyday until they finally accepted online reservation!

Schedule was filled up fast, but luckily, I managed to book the Tandem Jump at our desired date and time. I paid the reservation fee of 999 AED/person and counted the days to the epic Skydiving experience.     

Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone
Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone

On the Day of the Sky High Jump

At sunrise, my wife and I, together with our friend who's scheduled to skydive as well, made our way to the Skydive Dubai Palm Drop Zone. We arrived 15 minutes earlier our call time, but they immediately accommodated us in the front desk. They measured our height, weight, BMI and asked us to read the waiver and sign.

Skydive Dubai Waiver
Release of Liability and Agreement not to Sue

I was a bit anxious and excited at the same time as I went through the pages of the waiver. While my friend was reading it word by word, I skimmed through all the three pages after reading the first line which indicates that Skydive Dubai will not be held accountable for any unfavorable incident.

Okay! Great! I knew that what I was about to do is a perilous activity and that I paid and placed myself in some jeopardy. Thank you waiver for the reminder! Hahah! So I signed, gave it to attendant, and paid the remaining balance. No backing out!

Ed at Skydive Dubai
To sign or not to sign? For the love of adrenaline rush, I signed of course! 

The 2-hour Wait

The reservation form states that we should allot at least 3 hours of our morning at Skydive Dubai. We got the 7AM slot, but that doesn't mean we are skydiving exactly on that time. So, after paying the remaining 1000 AED balance, I was asked to wait for my turn.

During the waiting time, we made friends with people who were about to dive and chatted with people who successfully made the epic jump. I also used that time to purchase a Skydive Dubai shirt which costed me 80 AED. 

I was prepared, but I was still nervous that I went to the washroom countless times until my name was finally called. Whew!

Skydive Dubai merchandise
I bought a Skydive Dubai memento - an XL kids t-shirt which was on sale!  

The Skydive Preparation

My name was called by the professional instructor who will guide me throughout my first skydiving experience. It was time to gear up! He gave me instructions on what to do during the dive and the landing, but I was honestly out of my mind! It was probably the nerves, combined with the hunger and the lack of proper sleep that got me. He made sure that I know the proper positions, so he gave me another lesson on the mat.

Then, I was interviewed for my Skydive video. I had rehearsed my spiels for possible questions over and over in my head, but BAM! I was tensed, I stuttered and forgot most the things that I wanted to say! Can we repeat the interview please? Hahah!

gearing up at Skydive Dubai
gearing up with the help of my professional Skydive instructor 
learning the basics of skydiving
learning the basics of skydiving 
Skydive Dubai lessons
more skydiving lessons on the mat    
Skydive Dubai interview
the interview for my personal Skydive Video which I'm sharing at the end of this post

The Most Awaited Adventure in Skydive Dubai

A few minutes after the preparation, video and picture taking, my name was called once again. It was finally for my most awaited adventure. We rode a buggy to the tarmac where Skydive Dubai's private plane was already waiting.

Inside the airplane, our professional instructors tried to crack the tension by singing Do Re Mi. Then, I was interviewed once again, and I didn't just stutter, I was almost speechless! When I was asked for my last words, my mind blacked out and my mouth blurted "I love you all!" Hahaha!

Skydive Dubai diving schedule
The screen says it's my time to dive!
Skydive Dubai plane
The experience was well-documented. Each tandem jump has a videographer/photographer!

My professional skydive partner ensured our safety. He checked the gears and the harness that I am attached to on our way up! And then, 13000 feet above the ground, I prepared myself for the ultimate adrenaline rush and anticipated our turn to jump.

In three, two, one... it happened! 

Skydive Dubai experience 1
This is it!
Skydive Dubai experience 2
Somersaulting in the air!

I jumped off the plane 13000 feet above the ground! 

Nerve-wrecking, but it profusely quenched my thirst for adrenaline! I grinned the whole time, but the strong wind and the pull of gravity distorted my facial muscles and made me look like a chipmunk in the video! Hahaha!

But who cares? I was having the time of my life!  

Skydive Dubai experience 3
one of the best skydiving spots in the world
Skydive Dubai experience 4
Skydive Dubai experience 5
awesome experience up in the air, but absolutely not for the faint hearted

It was bittersweet when my instructor pulled the parachute and steered toward the landing zone. It was a sign that I am safe and will be back to the arms of my wife in one piece. But, it also meant that my thrilling skydive experience was about to end.

When the parachute was fully opened, we slowly glided over Dubai's scenic coastline. I was in awe. If only I had the liberty to stay up in the air a bit longer!

We had a smooth landing just like everyone else! I was up on my feet, no longer disoriented, and no longer speechless when I was interviewed! Perhaps the adrenaline rush did me good! It was out-of-this-world, but it was soul-fulfilling. I have a lot to thank Skydive Dubai, especially my professional instructor Depp, for the safe, fun and memorable skydive experience.

Will I do it again? Yes! Definitely YES! 
Skydive Dubai landing zone
safe and smooth landing at Palm Drop Zone
Rock on, Skydive Dubai!
Rock on, Skydive Dubai!
Ed, Lady and Kenneth at Skydive Dubai
with my cheerleader and our good friend Kenneth
Kenneth also shared his experience on his blog:

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Skydive Dubai Tandem Jump Price as of September 2015: 1999 AED
Package includes photos and video which we were able to claim 45 minutes after our jump.

Skydive Dubai
at the base of Palm Jumeirah
Al Sufouh Road
Dubai, UAE

Thanks for reading! More adventures to come! - Ed

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