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Jan 19, 2016

How to get to Selcuk from Pamukkale by Bus

Bus or Train? Ed and I were torn between two options when we inquired for tickets to Selcuk in a travel agency in Pamukkale. Train tickets are more affordable, but we had to go to the train station in Denizli which is almost 20 minutes by shuttle bus from Pamukkale. Taking the bus was the best way for us, but another question popped up... which bus?   

Pamukkale Turizm Bus
Pamukkale Turizm Bus

Pamukkale Turizm
A one-way Pamukkale-Selcuk bus trip via Pamukkale Turizm costs 30 Turkish Lira. I heard there's another bus company with cheaper rates but the downside is that we had to take the dolmus or mini bus from Pamukkale to Denizli and had to transfer to another bus bound to Selcuk. Comfort is our utmost priority, hence we decided to take Pamukkale Turizm bus which runs directly from Pamukkale town to Selcuk bus station. 

Pamukkale Turizm currently has three trips to Selcuk daily - at 9:15 AM, at 1 PM, and last trip for the day is at 4 PM. Since we wanted to visit a lovely town in Selcuk in the afternoon, we opted to take the morning bus. 

bus tickets to Selcuk
bus tickets to Selcuk

The Bus
Our bus ride from Pamukkale to Selcuk was smooth and efficient. We departed on time, stopped for a few minutes in Denizli bus station to pick up passengers, and without any hassle went on with the journey. The bus is clean and seats are comfortable, quite conducive to power naps! :) 

Pamukkale Turizm bus seats
comfy bus seats 

The Service
I dozed off, but was awaken halfway through our journey when the bus steward distributed some biscuits and chocolate pastries. Yep, there's a bus attendant and the snacks are complimentary! WiFi is not available, but who wants to be connected to the fussy online world when there's a relaxing view of the countryside right outside the window. Right? 

snacks on board Pamukkale Turizm bus
snacks on board Pamukkale Turizm bus

The Journey
We were on the road for three hours. It was a wonderful journey. No bumpy lane, no dizzying zigzag highway. The anti-motion sickness medication that I have been keeping in my bag was not really needed. 

road to Selcuk from Pamukkale
road to Selcuk

We left Pamukkale at 9:15 AM and arrived in Selcuk bus station at little past 12 noon. It was a hassle-free trip; quite a good way to start the third leg of our #SweetEscapesInTurkey! How I wish all bus trips could be like that! 

Selcuk bus station
Hello Selcuk!

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