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Jan 24, 2016

Ayasoluk Hotel in the Heart of Selcuk

I dragged my luggage from the bus station to the brick road up the hill, kept my fingers crossed that we're on the right path. We have studied the location map carefully, but since we opted not to subscribe to an international roaming service, our travel best friend - Google wasn't there to confirm if we got the directions correctly. 

An old man who assumed Ed and I were on a honeymoon trip (Hahah!) said we're probably confused as there are two Ayasoluk Hotels in Selcuk. Oh no! The other one is actually Ayasolok which is down the hill, across the main road. I was pretty sure that we're heading to the correct Ayasoluk Hotel as I could already see the landmarks stated in the hotel website - Ayasoluk Castle, Basilica of St. John, Isabey Mosque, but I just don't know which of the many left turns to take. 

After he wished us "Happy Honeymoon" (Gosh, I still couldn't help but laugh), we took his advice, turned left and finally saw a marker in the midst of a charming neighborhood. Few more confusions came, but we eventually arrived at the brick-clad facade of Ayasoluk Hotel. When we entered the courtyard, we were welcomed with open arms by Sarah, the lovely lady who never failed to promptly reply to my subsequent emails! Home, finally!     

Ayasoluk Hotel in Selcuk
Ayasoluk Hotel in Selcuk

Ayasoluk Hotel
Ayasoluk Hotel is a new structure in the historical Ayasoluk Hill, yet it illuminates the rich past of the area where it was built. It was carefully and creatively designed by the owner himself who has a passion for traveling. Inspired by his travels and hotel stays around the world, he was able to maximize the available space to bring comfort Ayosoluk Hotel's guests.

Check-in was a breeze. We were given water to drink before we were led our hotel room in the second level. Having only a day and a half in Selcuk, I was planning to throw my bags and immediately go sightseeing, but there's something about Ayasoluk Hotel that made me want to take things slow.

Just look at this courtyard...  

Ayasoluk Hotel courtyard
beautifully designed courtyard where guests can unwind and soak up the sun
Ayasoluk Hotel terrace
view from the terrace at the second floor 
Ayasoluk Hotel decors
classic time-worn pieces 
Ayasoluk Hotel details
every nook is rich in details
Ayasoluk Hotel garden
the well-manicured garden that enhanced the relaxed atmosphere

The Location
Situated in the western slope of the historical Ayasoluk Hill, Ayasoluk Hotel is a good place to call "home" in Selcuk. Finding it was hard at first, but the moment we got acquainted with the roads with the help of the hotel staff, Ed and I walked towards the prime attractions and back. It's a short stroll to the Basilica of St John. We could see Isabey Mosque from the hotel courtyard. And there's a short cut route to the Temple of Artemis.

The staff can arrange a cab to Ephesus which is quite far from the main town at a reasonable price. We booked a cab for 100 Turkish Lira, that already includes hotel pick up and drop off, transportation to Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary.     

strolling around Ayasoluk Hotel's neighborhood
strolling around Ayasoluk Hotel's neighborhood
Isabey Mosque view from Ayasoluk Hotel
view of Isabey Mosque from the hotel terrace

The Deluxe Room
We stayed in a spacious deluxe room with a large double bed topped with the comfiest custom made mattress! OMG, I slept like a baby that I had to hit the snooze button for extra minutes of sleep! And because of that, Ed and I had to delay our DIY walking tour for an hour. No regrets though! :) 

The room is tastefully furnished. It has a fireplace, a stylish open wardrobe, a vintage ceiling fan although it's air-conditioned, and a small terrace with a nice view of the neighborhood. It also has complete amenities and a sizeable bathroom.   

our cozy room in Ayasoluk Hotel
our cozy room in Ayasoluk Hotel
Ayasoluk Hotel room amenities
tasteful furnishing - handmade carpet and vintage ceiling fan
Ayasoluk Hotel comfy bed
comfiest bed in Turkey, if not in the world
Ayasoluk Hotel bathroom
clean and spacious bathroom

The Restaurant
Another good thing about Ayasoluk Hotel is that it is near the town's top rated restaurants. In fact, one of the popular restaurants is in the hotel itself! Ayasoluk Restaurant is known for serving dishes made of fresh and local produce. Even non-hotel guests come to the hotel to dine in the restaurant for lunch or dinner.

We dined al fresco during lunch on our first day in Selcuk. It was amazing. We had a table for two near the pool and had a lovely view of the charming town. It was like having a romantic date in daylight! :) 

It's a little costly compared to the other restaurants we have tried, yet the dishes are fine and fancy, rustic and delicious. We got what we paid for definitely! Not to mention, they serve the most aromatic Turkish apple tea!  

al fresco dining in Ayasoluk Restaurant
al fresco dining in Ayasoluk Restaurant
Ayasoluk Restaurant table by the pool
mosaic dining table by the swimming pool 
lunch at Ayasoluk Restaurant
fine Turkish lunch Ayasoluk Restaurant - That eggplant and meatballs dish is a winner!

We love that dining spot near the pool, but the next day, for breakfast, we opted to dine inside the restaurant to experience a different vibe... and to be closer to the buffet! Hahah! That's when we got to appreciate the restaurant and the staff even more. 

The breakfast spread is wonderful! An assortment of freshly baked bread, warm Turkish and international dishes, fruits and vegetables were laid out in a wooden counter. I couldn't keep my hands off a Turkish fried bread called Pisi. When Osman, one of the staff, realized how much I loved it, he shared the simple recipe. Although I don't aim to recreate it at home as I'm not that good in the kitchen, I appreciate his effort.  

inside Ayasoluk Restaurant
cozy breakfast nook at Ayasoluk Restaurant
Ayasoluk Restaurant breakfast
the superb breakfast spread

Overall, we had a pleasant stay at Ayasoluk Hotel. We love the homey atmosphere, the prime location, and the staff that treated us as family as soon as we arrived. Genuine people like them truly makes traveling more awesome!

Ayasoluk Hotel
1051.Sokak, 35920 Selcuk
Contact # +90 232 892 3334

We were guests at Ayasoluk Hotel, but opinions in this blog post are my own. 
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