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Aug 22, 2016

Amazing Street Art in Karama

Ed and I were residents of Karama for the longest time before we decided to relocate in Deira last year. If not for the convenience of living near my new workplace, we could still be in K-town (as my blogger friend Ken Surat fondly calls Karama neighborhood).

Karama grew so much on us. Hence, we are always ecstatic every time we hear developments in the district we previously called home; like the opening of Carrefour, Vox Cinema and Jollibee (Hahah!) in a shopping mall nearby! 

Recently, we were surprised with the unveiling of the street art installation in Karama Souk! I have to admit, the souk area is not my favorite in the neighborhood. But the impressive murals made me want to revisit the narrow alleys of fake designer bags and clothes. So, off we went!   

Street Art in Karama

On a weekend afternoon, we discovered the 24 huge mural paintings along Karama's kooky 18b street. The splashes of colors gave the souk a vibrant makeover that I barely identified which street we were at.  

Graffiti in Karama Dubai
one of the murals up close
falcon painting in Karama Dubai
The Falcon - a symbol of the UAE 
mural in Karama Dubai
a mural that depicts Dubai's pearl diving tradition

The remarkable artworks on the walls of apartment buildings, just above the infamous stores, were created by prominent Malaysian street artists. They turned the old and dusty shopping complex into an open air gallery!

Karama Souk art graffiti
Karama Souk got a major face lift! 
Karama Street Art
My two favorites among the 24 murals!
guitar paintings in Karama Dubai
Karama definitely rocks!

So, now, Karama isn't just the place where you can buy fake stuff (which I don't promote) and where you can go on a foodie hunt (which I highly recommend). It also became a district where you can appreciate urban art! It's amazing! My grainy iPhone photos don't do justice. I suggest, visit Karama 18b street and see the street art paintings for yourself.

Lion mural in Karama Dubai
an intricate mural of a lion
Amazing street art in Karama
Under the sea painted above the land!

Karama Souk 
18b Street
Karama, Dubai

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