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Jul 8, 2016

Breakfast at the Cocoa Room

I have heard so much about the Cocoa Room ever since it opened in Dubai last year. I was actually invited to have a sneak peek prior its grand opening, but missed the opportunity as the event coincided with an out of town trip. You can imagine how devastated I was when I got to see the foodie photos on social media a week after! I am not exaggerating! Please continue reading and you'll surely understand. :)

Heavenly Breakfast at Cocoa Room Dubai

A few months after the Cocoa Room opened its doors, Ed and I together with our blogger friends made our way to The Galleria, but failed big time. It is solely a breakfast spot! Hence, when we arrived at 12 noon, it was already converted to Slider Station. Cocoa Room is Slider Station's alter ego in the morning! 

It was only the day after Ramadan that we decided to give it another shot. We arrived at the Galleria at 10 AM quite hopeless and ready for another heartbreak as most of the reviews I have read online say that we should be there by 9 AM to get a table. I was silently telling myself, "It's okay. Shift your attention to the nearby restaurant in case". But then, we got really lucky! There was no queue at the front desk and no waiting list! So, we were immediately welcomed and escorted to a table for two by the window!

Cocoa Room in Slider Station Dubai
Cocoa Room in the morning, Slider Station in the afternoon 'til night.

Since the Cocoa Room shares the same venue with Slider Station, it has an industrial chic appeal. The only difference is that it is naturally lighted which made the theme a little dainty and rustic. The breakfast menu is of wide variety. There are 5 types of Eggs Ben, 11 kinds of pancakes, a selection of egg dishes, sandwiches, breakfast drinks and the likes. Talk about being spoilt for choice!

The Sweetest Things on Cocoa Room's menu
The Sweetest Things on Cocoa Room's menu

The moment we were asked if we are ready to order, I excitedly told the wait staff that I'm having their best-selling drink. The one with burnt mini marshmallows on top! The one that is overly photographed and graced thousands of Instagram posts! I had no idea what it is called that time, but I want it! I nodded like a two-year old when the staff said that she's getting the Salted Caramel and Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate for me! :)

Cocoa Room Hot Chocolate
Ahhh! Heaven in a cup!

Did it live up to my expectations? YES and no. Yes, in the sense that it is heavenly and sinful at the same time. Just like what I always imagined it to be. No, because sadly I didn't get to enjoy it as a hot chocolate drink. The tall cup is half marshmallows, half hot choco. I had to dig through the thick cloud-shaped marshmallows to get to the hot chocolate drink. 

The salted caramel sauce made the drink super sweet that it became my dessert. It was like having s'mores sans the graham crackers. Hence, our plan to have the Biscoff Pancake after the main course was crossed out! 

Lady at Cocoa Room Dubai
Why are you so sinful, Salted Caramel and Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate?

Ed had the Ancho and Cocoa Braised Short Ribs Benedict. He looooved it! I have never seen him go crazy over a breakfast dish like he did with Cocoa Room's signature Eggs Ben! I had a portion and I liked it as well. It is very unique, a bit sweet and spicy - flavors which obviously came from the ancho and cocoa. The beef is tender and the eggs were poached to perfection!

Slider Station Eggs Benedict
a one of a kind Egss Ben: Ancho and Cocoa Braised Short Ribs Benedict

I opted to have Eggs Menemen. It is not Cocoa Room's most popular yet I went for it because I miss Turkish breakfast soooo much! Eggs Menemen is a Turkish egg dish made of scrambled eggs in tomato sauce. Cocoa Room's version is incomparable to the ones I had in Turkey. It has feta cheese and red chili flakes. It looks and tastes special, but unfortunately, it didn't cure my yearning for real Kahvalti.

Eggs Menemen at The Cocoa Room
Cocoa Room's take on the Turkish Egg Dish, Eggs Menemen

So, is the Cocoa Room worth the hype? Despite and in spite of, I can still say YEAH! I must have pick the wrong choice, but the husband was impressed with his. He was already planning to take me back to the Cocoa Room halfway through his meal. So, yeah, it's really something. :) 

breakfast at the Cocoa Room Galleria
breakfast for two at the Cocoa Room 

Prices of what we had (as of July 2016):
Salted Caramel & Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate: 35 AED
Cappuccino: 20 AED
Ancho & Cocoa Braised Short Ribs Benedict: 50 AED
Eggs Menemen: 40 AED

Cocoa Room
inside Slider Station
The Galleria
Al Safa, Dubai
Opening Hours: 8 AM to 11:30 AM

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