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Jul 23, 2016

Signature Travel Poses To Love

What do you collect when you travel?, a blog reader once asked. I laughed on the inside as I typed my reply because, honestly, I collect nothing but memories. I buy things - fridge magnets, Starbucks' tumblers and whatnot - but I tend to give all those to my family and friends when I get home. Hence, I only have photographs encrusted with good ol' memories for myself and I'm totally okay with it.

But last year, I noticed something with my travel photos. They all look so basic! It's either I stand straight in an overly photographed spot or I pinch the tip of a famous monument. Take for example my photo op with Taj Mahal! Arrrgh! How cliche! I couldn't help but tell myself, "You can do better than that!"  whenever I see it. 

I thought it would be nice to do something unconventional next time. I want to make my treasure trove aka travel photo collection more visually appealing. And it turned out that a sprinkle of creative dust is all I need. Thus, a signature travel pose was born!

Signature Travel Pose

A lot of Filipino Bloggers in the UAE have their own travel poses as well. I guess, we all agree that there should be more to a travel photo than simply being in it! So, here's a round up of the signature travel blogger poses that I love.

#FromWhereISelfied of @CallMeDivi
Divi is fashion, travel and beauty blogger based in Dubai. 
She documents her solo travels in a very unique way. 
She has taken the selfie trend to another level in her #fromwhereiselfied series!  

Capture Me Candid of @FindMeABreak
Myla is the voice behind Find Me A Break; a food, travel and lifestyle blog. 
She is a free-spirited girl with a cool Instagram gallery! 
She has mastered the supposedly candid shot that every blogger must know!   

A photo posted by Myla (@findmeabreak) on

A photo posted by Myla (@findmeabreak) on

@mypolaroidseries of Hannah 
 Hannah is a freelance travel and portrait photographer.  
She travels in far away places with a polaroid in her hand.
She shares her instant travel snaps and stories through #mypolaroidseries on Instagram.

A photo posted by #mypolaroidseries (@mypolaroidseries) on

A photo posted by #mypolaroidseries (@mypolaroidseries) on

Signature Back Shots of @IamDocGelo
Doc Gelo is a travel writer, a seasoned photographer and a General Physician. 
He authored two published travel photobooks.
His writings and his signature back shots taken in top travel spots are enough to inspire us to follow his trail.

I initially thought that my plan to travel and set foot to the world's largest country was too ambitious. ๐ŸŒฟ For story and more photos from Moscow (and soon, an article about Saint Petersburg), read my 2-part- series about our weeklong winter break in Russia on my site! ๐Ÿƒ All photos ๐Ÿ“ท were taken using only my android phone because my camera was broken at the start of the trip. Click link in my bio. ๐ŸŒ . #docgelo #travel #moscow #russia #europe #kremlin #wanderlust #inrussia #inmoscow #traveler #nowtravel #travelblogger #travelstoke #travelinspiration #uaebloggers #beautifuldestinations #travelphotography @instagram #liveauthentic #bestplacestogo #travelbug #passionpassport #bucketlist #natgeo #natgeotravel #tv_travel #travelstoke #redsquare #statehistoricalmuseum #UNESCOWorldHeritageSites
A photo posted by ๐Ÿ“ท DocGelo (@iamdocgelo) on

#KnockThatDoorYouLove of @IamJhoysi
Joy writes about budget travels in her blog - The Thrift Trip. 
She is a fashion and travel blogger with a thing for mysterious doors.
She documents her attempts to knock on them in her #knockthatdooryoulove series.

#thetravelingjournalproject of Ken Surat
Kenneth is an architect, a travel blogger and an artisan.
He is the creator of Surat Journals and the founder of #thetravelingjournalproject. 
His leather bound memory keeper takes the spotlight in his signature travel pose.

A photo posted by Surat Journals (@thetravelingjournalproject) on

#BedGasm of @TheStyleChoreo
Paul Ramos is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger based in Abu Dhabi.
If he is not out and about in a dapper suit, he is having a staycation in a posh hotel room! 
His #BedGasm pose is perfectly on point!  

A photo posted by Paul Ramos (@thestylechoreo) on

Headstand of @SoloflightEd
Edcel of SoloflightEd is a top Pinoy Travel Blogger.
He thinks that life is too short to stand still. 
So, he celebrates his journey around the world with  headstands and crazy stunts.

A photo posted by soloflightEd (@soloflighted) on

And this is our very own...

#TheHighFiveJump of Ed and Lady
Our signature pose is a fusion of two things we usually do when we travel; jump shot and high five! We often do the latter behind the camera whenever we reach a destination without getting lost! :)
Hence, doing #TheHighFiveJump is another way of saying
"Good job, forever travel buddy! Cheers to more happy travels together!"

How about you? Do you have a signature travel pose?
Share it in the comment section below! :)

P.S. Hugs to my blogger friends; Divina of, Myla of, Hannah of, Doc Gelo of, Joy of, Kenneth of, Paul Ramos of and Edcel of! Thank you for participating in this fun blog post. :) 

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