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Jul 23, 2016

Signature Travel Poses To Love

What do you collect when you travel?, a blog reader once asked. I laughed on the inside as I typed my reply because, honestly, I collect nothing but memories. I buy things - fridge magnets, Starbucks' tumblers and whatnot - but I tend to give all those to my family and friends when I get home. Hence, I only have photographs encrusted with good ol' memories for myself and I'm totally okay with it.

But last year, I noticed something with my travel photos. They all look so basic! It's either I stand straight in an overly photographed spot or I pinch the tip of a famous monument. Take for example my photo op with Taj Mahal! Arrrgh! How cliche! I couldn't help but tell myself, "You can do better than that!"  whenever I see it. 

I thought it would be nice to do something unconventional next time. I want to make my treasure trove aka travel photo collection more visually appealing. And it turned out that a sprinkle of creative dust is all I need. Thus, a signature travel pose was born!

Signature Travel Pose

A lot of Filipino Bloggers in the UAE have their own travel poses as well. I guess, we all agree that there should be more to a travel photo than simply being in it! So, here's a round up of the signature travel blogger poses that I love.

#FromWhereISelfied of @CallMeDivi
Divi is fashion, travel and beauty blogger based in Dubai. 
She documents her solo travels in a very unique way. 
She has taken the selfie trend to another level in her #fromwhereiselfied series!  

Capture Me Candid of @FindMeABreak
Myla is the voice behind Find Me A Break; a food, travel and lifestyle blog. 
She is a free-spirited girl with a cool Instagram gallery! 
She has mastered the supposedly candid shot that every blogger must know!   

A photo posted by Myla (@findmeabreak) on

A photo posted by Myla (@findmeabreak) on

@mypolaroidseries of Hannah 
 Hannah is a freelance travel and portrait photographer.  
She travels in far away places with a polaroid in her hand.
She shares her instant travel snaps and stories through #mypolaroidseries on Instagram.

A photo posted by #mypolaroidseries (@mypolaroidseries) on

A photo posted by #mypolaroidseries (@mypolaroidseries) on

Signature Back Shots of @IamDocGelo
Doc Gelo is a travel writer, a seasoned photographer and a General Physician. 
He authored two published travel photobooks.
His writings and his signature back shots taken in top travel spots are enough to inspire us to follow his trail.

I initially thought that my plan to travel and set foot to the world's largest country was too ambitious. 🌿 For story and more photos from Moscow (and soon, an article about Saint Petersburg), read my 2-part- series about our weeklong winter break in Russia on my site! πŸƒ All photos πŸ“· were taken using only my android phone because my camera was broken at the start of the trip. Click link in my bio. 🌍 . #docgelo #travel #moscow #russia #europe #kremlin #wanderlust #inrussia #inmoscow #traveler #nowtravel #travelblogger #travelstoke #travelinspiration #uaebloggers #beautifuldestinations #travelphotography @instagram #liveauthentic #bestplacestogo #travelbug #passionpassport #bucketlist #natgeo #natgeotravel #tv_travel #travelstoke #redsquare #statehistoricalmuseum #UNESCOWorldHeritageSites
A photo posted by πŸ“· DocGelo (@iamdocgelo) on

#KnockThatDoorYouLove of @IamJhoysi
Joy writes about budget travels in her blog - The Thrift Trip. 
She is a fashion and travel blogger with a thing for mysterious doors.
She documents her attempts to knock on them in her #knockthatdooryoulove series.

#thetravelingjournalproject of Ken Surat
Kenneth is an architect, a travel blogger and an artisan.
He is the creator of Surat Journals and the founder of #thetravelingjournalproject. 
His leather bound memory keeper takes the spotlight in his signature travel pose.

A photo posted by Surat Journals (@thetravelingjournalproject) on

#BedGasm of @TheStyleChoreo
Paul Ramos is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger based in Abu Dhabi.
If he is not out and about in a dapper suit, he is having a staycation in a posh hotel room! 
His #BedGasm pose is perfectly on point!  

A photo posted by Paul Ramos (@thestylechoreo) on

Headstand of @SoloflightEd
Edcel of SoloflightEd is a top Pinoy Travel Blogger.
He thinks that life is too short to stand still. 
So, he celebrates his journey around the world with  headstands and crazy stunts.

A photo posted by soloflightEd (@soloflighted) on

And this is our very own...

#TheHighFiveJump of Ed and Lady
Our signature pose is a fusion of two things we usually do when we travel; jump shot and high five! We often do the latter behind the camera whenever we reach a destination without getting lost! :)
Hence, doing #TheHighFiveJump is another way of saying
"Good job, forever travel buddy! Cheers to more happy travels together!"

How about you? Do you have a signature travel pose?
Share it in the comment section below! :)

P.S. Hugs to my blogger friends; Divina of, Myla of, Hannah of, Doc Gelo of, Joy of, Kenneth of, Paul Ramos of and Edcel of! Thank you for participating in this fun blog post. :) 

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