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Aug 18, 2016

A Gastronomic Journey at Fairmont Ajman's Friday Brunch

Ed and I frequently visit Ajman because of the beach. The smallest Emirate has the best shoreline in the country! But last weekend, I came to know that I have another reason to spend my weekend in Ajman.

We traveled all the way from Dubai to experience the enhanced Friday Brunch at Spectrum in Fairmont Ajman. The brunch concept "Eat, Drink and Take a Journey" got me! I absolutely love gastronomic journeys!

Friday Brunch at Fairmont Ajman

After almost an hour on the road, I finally saw the familiar sandcastle-like hotels along the corniche. The cab entered the driveway of a tall, impressive structure which was still unfinished when we went to Ajman for a staycation a few years ago! Fairmont Ajman is the newest addition to the string of beach hotels along the pristine corniche!

It looks spectacular inside and out! The hotel lobby is decked in colors that matches the powdery sands of Ajman and its high ceiling oozes with pure sophistication. Ed and I were excited to check what the hotel has to offer for brunch, but the fabulous and welcoming atmosphere in the lobby made us stay under the crystal chandeliers for a while.

Fairmont Ajman hotel lobby
Fairmont Ajman's fabulous hotel lobby

We went to Spectrum - Fairmont Ajman's international restaurant which was named after Fairmont Dubai's well-commended Spectrum on One - when the brunch was about to start. We arrived a little early as I have this penchant for untouched buffets. Other than the fact that I want to share good photos for the blog, being the first guest to cut the cheese or slice the cake is one of my simple joys. :) 

Spectrum in Fairmont Ajman
Spectrum in Fairmont Ajman
live music at Fairmont Ajman Friday Brunch
We were welcomed with warm smiles and live music at the Friday Brunch!

Spectrum's Friday Brunch selections were beautifully laid-out under a bright and relaxed atmosphere. The attention to detail is impeccable! A varied international selection of cheese, appetizers, main dishes and desserts are arranged perfectly around the dining hall; hence zero congestion in the buffet line. Because there are so many options, I had to ask myself "How and where will I start?"  

cheese at Fairmont Ajman brunch
international selection of cheese
appetizers at Fairmont Ajman brunch
too pretty to eat appetizers 
cheese board at Fairmont Ajman brunch
This cheese board is perfect for words!

Breakfast staples are served fresh and on-point! I spotted live-cooking stations for eggs, bagels, pancakes and waffles. Think about kickstarting the weekend with a fancy eggs benedict before heading to a gastronomic journey across the globe without leaving the UAE! Awesome, right?

breakfast station at Fairmont Ajman brunch
breakfast station
bread at Fairmont Ajman brunch
all kinds of bread

Right after devouring a hearty breakfast plate, my palate was transported to South America! I had a crispy hard-shell taco from the Mexican live cooking station and slices of Brazilian Churasco. It was too early to tell, but I could already feel that the churasco station will be the highlight of my brunch, and it surely was! The meat is exquisitely tender and succulent!

Mexican Taco at Fairmont Ajman brunch
Mexican Taco station
Churasco at Fairmont Ajman brunch
Perfectly grilled churasco served with a smile!

Then, I went to Asia and it was pure comfort. There's a live cooking station for traditional Japanese sushi and the non-traditional deep fried version! There's also a noodle station with an array of fresh ingredients to cater to different preferences. Other Southeast Asian favorites like Beef Rendang and Nasi Goreng are served warm and ready to eat.   

noodle station at Fairmont Ajman brunch
live noodle station
Japanese rolls at Fairmont Ajman brunch
Japanese rolls

I was spoilt for choice at Spectrum. I passed by several counters of Indian food and Arabic cuisine. I also didn't miss to have the Turkish signature bites which were created by the chef de cuisine of Kiyi - Fairmont Ajman's contemporary Turkish restaurant!

And there's also a live-cooking station for creamy scallops and fresh oysters. The seafood lover in me jumped in delight! The oysters are perfectly paired with Bloody Mary and the scallops are smothered in thick butter-garlic sauce! So delicious, I could have a dozen if I was not presented with tons of options.

scallops station at Fairmont Ajman brunch
Scallops station
fresh oysters at Fairmont Ajman brunch
Fresh Oysters!
oysters with bloody mary at Fairmont Ajman brunch
oysters + lemon + bloody mary

I was glad I saved enough room for dessert as Spectrum has a tantalizing array of sweets for Friday Brunch. Again, it was a journey all over the world as the spread ranges from Arabic sweets to French macarons

desserts at Fairmont Ajman brunch
nicely presented desserts
sweets at Fairmont Ajman brunch

Service plays a huge part in the whole brunch experience, and I have to say that it was flawless at Spectrum in Fairmont Ajman! The staff are attentive and cheery. Other than the good food, it was the great service that made my gastronomic journey worthwhile. 

Price as of August 2016:
175 AED per person for non-alcoholic brunch package
225 AED per person for brunch with hops and vines beverages
250 AED per person for brunch with unlimited pouring of Prosecco
*More brunch packages available! Please visit Fairmont Ajman's website for the complete listing. 

Update: February 2017
Eat, Drink and Take A Journey Friday Brunch at Fairmont Ajman is no longer available.

Fairmont Ajman
Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street
Ajman, UAE
Tel # 06 701 5757

We were invited to experience the Friday Brunch at Spectrum in Fairmont Ajman. 
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