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Nov 8, 2016

My Top 10 Must-Eats in Paris

During our short trip to Paris, I was only able to scratch off the surface of the wonderful world of French cuisine! Five days are not enough to scout for the best of the best, especially in a city that is known to be a foodie destination!

I had to narrow down my list of food to try; from an exhaustive gluttonous list to a more reasonable one! With so many options, I honestly think that I missed a lot, but I left Paris with a happy heart and a happy tummy.

where to eat in Paris

Here are my top 10 must-eats in Paris:

1. Crepe
Cheap and insanely delicious, I vowed to eat crepe every single day while I'm in Paris! The thin pancakes can be enjoyed along the streets or in fine restaurants. It can be filled with chocolate and fruits or even with savory goodies like ham and egg, but my favorite is the simplest of its kind... a crepe smothered with butter and sugar from a street stand! 

crepe in Paris
Crepe: price starts at € 2.50

2. Steak-frites
Steak-frites is basically a steak dish paired with French fries. It is popular in Europe, but there's one restaurant in Paris that serves Steak-frites in pure perfection - Le Relais de l'Entrecote. Expect to queue for the mouthwatering juicy steak in special green sauce and hefty serving of golden fries! 

steak frites in Paris
Steak-frites at Le Relais de l'Entrecote: € 25.60

3. Escargot
Escargot = Snails! It's one of the weirdest things I have ever eaten, next to tamilok and crocodile meat in Palawan. But honestly, it doesn't taste as weird as I thought it would be. In fact, I love the delicate flavor of the escargot as it perfectly complements the herb butter sauce! I would definitely have it again in the future. And next time, I'll make sure that I'll have it straight from the shell as the one I had was already in an escargot plate.  

escargot in Paris
Escargot from a restaurant in Ile Saint-Louis: € 10.5 

4. French Macarons
I couldn't leave Paris without a box of French Macarons from Laduree. As I have mentioned in my Paris Bucket List, I have fought the temptation of having it in Dubai for several years as I'm saving my first bite for Paris. The round, sweet and delicate dessert is worth queuing up for in Laduree in Champs Elysees! I took my first bite the moment I went out of the shop, and yes... texture, flavor and all, it's the best macarons I have ever eaten by far!  

French Macarons in Paris
Laduree macarons: price starts at € 1.50 

5. Baguette
The long, thin crusty bread is a staple in France. I found a bunch in the hotel's buffet breakfast, and slices were served along with some French dishes in the restaurants we've been to. On our last day, we were lucky to stumble on to Le Grenier a Pain Abbesses in Montmartre - a two-time winner in the annual competition for best baguette in Paris!    

Baguette in Paris
Baguette de Tradition:  € 1.75 

6. French Pastries
Ever since our trip to Paris, I never looked at French pastries the same way again! The butter croissant and pain au chocolat that I frequently buy in the supermarket near our place no longer satisfy me. Indeed, nobody can make these flaky and buttery pastries as good as the French! 

Pain Au Chocolat in Paris
Pain Au Chocolat in the breakfast buffet at Ibis

7. Angelina Hot Chocolate
For its rich and decadent hot chocolate, Angelina truly deserved a spot in our jam-packed Paris itinerary. We devoted an hour for drinks and dessert, and we loved every minute that we spent in this lovely French cafe. The famous hot chocolate is dark, thick and velvety. It comes with a small bowl of whipped cream on the side for guests who prefer a creamier taste. 

Angelina hot chocolate
Angelina l'Africain Hot Chocolate: € 8.20

8. Berthillon Ice Cream
We ventured out to Ile Saint Louis just for a scoop of ice cream. Mind you, it's not just any other ice cream, it is the best in Paris if not in the world! Glacier Berthillon is an institution for luxury ice cream and sorbet since 1954. A lot of people rave about the Salted Caramel flavor, but Ed and I decided to try something different. I had the Honey Nougat, while he had Rum Raisin - an ice cream with alcohol!  

Berthillon Paris
Berthillon ice cream:  € 3 per take away scoop

9. Cheese
The cheese lover in me jumped for joy in Paris! There are several Fromagerie in the city selling delicately made and perfectly aged gourmet cheeses. We didn't have the time to visit a cheese shop, but we were able to indulge in different kinds of artisan cheese during our Parisian picnic. 

French Cheese in Paris
finest cheeses: part of the picnic basket from Secret Picnic

10. Creme Brulee
Amelie Poulain found satisfaction in cracking the caramelized crust of creme brulee, and so did I! If you don't know Amelie, you're missing a lot. It's a must-watch French film. Anyway, Amelie's fave creme brulee is a classic French dessert with a rich custard base and brittle caramel topping. Most restaurants have it in the menu, but I had the pleasure of having it in Cafe des Deux Moulins - the exact cafe in the movie! 

Amelie Cafe des Deux Moulins
Creme Brulee and a whole lot more in Cafe des Deux Moulins

How about you? What is your must-eat in Paris? Share it in the comment section below.
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