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Apr 9, 2017

Black Tap Dubai: Crazy Shakes and Craft Burgers

You know me, I can never say never to insanely outlandish beverages! I even wrote a full blog post about the ones I have tried last year. So, when I heard that Black Tap is heading out from NYC to DXB, I was beyond thrilled!

Black Tap is a popular joint for creative craft burgers, gravity-defying milkshakes and draft beers in New York. The brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Joe Isidori took the Big Apple by storm. And now, it is currently making waves in its first location outside the US; where else but Dubai!      

Black Tap Dubai

Black Tap Dubai is located in Jumeirah Al Naseem; a new 5-star property of Jumeirah Group. The luxury hotel is a part of Madinat Jumeirah Resort. It gloriously stands in between Mina A'Salam and Burj Al Arab.

Black Tap on a Weeekend
So, yeah, Black Tap - a casual burger and milkshake place - is tucked inside a lavish hotel... which made me think that it would not be buzzing on a weekend noon and it's probably expensive. What are the odds? It was full when we arrived for lunch! And yes, it is quite pricey and not on the Entertainer. Huhuh.

The staff jotting on the long waiting list told us we'd get a table in an hour unless we decide to sit in the bar. The list was longer than my patience; hence we took her offer and headed straight to the counter. The bar looks cool! We wouldn't mind having our meal in there, but then, a group occupying a long table offered their extra space to us. Awesome!  Ed and I got to have a proper conversation, facing each other, while having our usual weekend binge.  

Black Tap in Dubai
Black Tap Dubai

Jumeirah Al Naseem Turtle Lagoon
It is located in Jumeirah Al Naseem Turtle Lagoon.

Black Tap bar
Black Tap bar 

Black Tap is one of the few casual restaurants in Dubai with a Liquor License. Well, it better has one because it is famous in New York for craft beers. I was not there for the beer though. I immediately looked for the milkshakes on the menu, while the husband opted for an organic Passion Fruit Iced Tea. 

There are currently five varieties of Black Tap shakes in Dubai. The Bam Bam Shake loaded with fruity pebbles that I was eyeing on @blacktapnyc Instagram is, unfortunately, not available; hence I settled with the Cotton Candy Shake. 

Black Tap Dubai passion fruit iced tea
passion fruit iced tea

The Cotton Candy Shake is a strawberry shake crazily garnished with all things that can give you a sugar rush - lollipop, rock candies, whipped cream, pearl chocolates and cotton candies. It is a dessert and drink all rolled into one decadent and heavenly sweet milkshake. 

My sweet tooth was utterly satisfied. I had it all for myself! But for those who are not into sweets, it can be shared by two people. I think it is meant for sharing as it comes with two straws in it.

Black Tap Dubai milkshake
Freakshake! This is Black Tap's cotton candy shake.

Lady at Black Tap Dubai
I'm in love! :)

Black Tap serves America's favorites - burgers, tacos, wings, salads. As I had a feeling that the craft burger would be too heavy, especially when paired with the huge crazy milkshake, I ordered the Fish Tacos. It is a soft taco dish brimming with fish fillet, pineapple salsa, cilantro and chipotle mayo. It is light and flavorful, and I love that there's a hint of spice in it. 

Black Tap Dubai fish tacos
Fish Tacos

Ed had The Texan; as recommended by our server. It is Black Tap's bestselling burger, and we were not surprised! It is a prime burger made of Greater Ohama USA Beef, gloriously topped with aged cheddar cheese, crispy onion ring and beef bacon. It comes with a special BBQ sauce on the side and a serving of sweet potato fries. 

I was right, it is massive and packed with flavors. We had the burger patty well-done, yet it was still juicy. The toppings were a wonderful mix of textures. No wonder my hard-to-please husband gave this burger a thumbs up!   

Black Tap Dubai craft burger
The Texan craft bruger

As expected, prices were a little steep for a burger joint. The crazy Black Tap shake (that brings all girls to the yard) costs 65 AED. The Fish Tacos is reasonably priced at 50 AED; not bad for 3 good tacos. The Texan craft burger costs a whopping 85 AED!

Here's a money-saving tip: Don't order water. They serve local water for free! :)

Black Tap is a crowd drawer. The restaurant was very busy when we arrived until we left; so I must commend the staff for the attentive and jolly service.

I would say that Black Tap is the place to go when you want to reward yourself with something nice and delicious after long, tiring and busy week. The place is just chill. And if you love outrageous beverages, like me, their milkshakes hit the spot. 

Location Map:

Black Tap
Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel
Contact # 04 422 9904


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