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Sep 17, 2017

Ella's Creamery: Instagram-worthy Sweet Treats in Dubai

While we were in Dubai Parks and Resorts last weekend, I made sure that we could drop by the ice cream shop I have been eyeing on my Insta feed. Does Ella's Creamery sounds familiar? If you're into fancy sugary confections and you've come across one of their IG posts, you have probably been lured into the uber charming ice cream parlor as well.

Instagrammable desserts in Dubai

Located in Riverland's Boardwalk - a zone that commemorates Early Americas, Ella's Creamery conforms to the idea with its nostalgic 1950s American-inspired setting. Ed and I were welcomed by a cheerful staff dressed in candy-pink retro uniform. We slid into a booth, which seems to me the comfiest spot to devour sweet treats! ;) 

Ella's Creamery at Riverland Dubai Parks and Resorts
Ella's Creamery at Riverland, Dubai Parks and Resorts

seats in Ella's Creamery at Riverland Dubai
Swivel high chairs and vintage booth seating. Very 1950s!

ice cream counter in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
The ice cream and cakes counter. Everything's so tempting!

vintage decors in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
Vintage and Pastels

Although Ella's Creamery has a nostalgic ambiance, it is a modern-day ice cream shop offering trendy flavors like Unicorn, Bubblegum and Cotton Candy, along with the classics. The menu evolves, as per Patricia (the GM, whom we had a pleasure of meeting during our visit), as most of their selections are homemade.   

unicorn ice cream in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
Love Unicorns? Ella's got your back.

cakes in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
These luscious slices are winking at me!

Ella's Creamery has a menu of sinfully good treats. ;) They serve ice cream (gelato, sorbet, and contemporary concoctions), crazy shakes, cakes, cookie sandwich, and beverages. I was particularly drawn into the Pink Cadillac - a fancy schmancy strawberry milkshake topped with strawberry cheesecake ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows, lollipop, cotton candy, and a drizzle of strawberry sauce.

Sounds hyperglycemic, but surprising, the sweetness is just right. Past the cloud of cotton candy lies a creamy and decadent milkshake that we actually consumed without a gulp of water!  

crazy shake in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
The Pink Cadillac: 55 AED

Lady in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
Ahhh! Strawberry Milkshake is my weakness! How much more if it looks like this!

Ellas Creamery interior at Riverland Dubai
Excuse me! Gotta savor this pretty pink drink!

Ed had a cup of cappuccino which was delightfully served with a small cone of chocolate gelato. He loooooves gelato; hence, it was huge bonus to his caffeine fix. It has silky texture and tastes close to the authentic! 

coffee in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
Coffee with ice cream? Yes please!
Cappuccino: 20 AED

coffee with gelato in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
Perfect match!

I culminated my cheat day with a Rock & Roll Cone! It is a new offering on the menu that spells out INSTAGRAM-WORTHY! It is a whimsical, mermaid-inspired, ice cream treat; and as they say, an edible art created with love

Too pretty to eat, I actually just wanted to stare and take tons of photos until I felt the ice cream dripping down my fingers! But good news, it tastes as good as it looks! The Rock & Roll cone is made of three ice cream flavors (Let them mix and match it for you.), surprise toppings, and cotton candy in a handmade waffle cone. 

rock and roll cone in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
Ice Cream, mermaid-style! Rock & Roll cone: 50 AED

ice cream treat in Ellas Creamery at Riverland Dubai
My Rock & Roll Cone ice cream flavors: Unicorn, Bubblegum, Mint! Love it! 

We had such a lovely time at Ella's Creamery! I wish they would open a branch in the city soon. I'd definitely grab more scoops of unicorn ice cream, and probably another round of crazy shake. Let's say, the Katy Perry-inspired one! 

Ella's Creamery
Boardwalk, Riverland
Dubai Parks and Resorts
Jebel Ali
Website: ellascreamery.com

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Thanks Patricia for hosting our visit at Ella's Creamery.
Opinions in this blog post are my own. 

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