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Sep 28, 2017

Legoland Dubai: Is it also for adults?

Is Legoland only for the little ones? Uhhm, I hope not! Well, the theme park is known as the ultimate year-round destination in the Middle East for families with kids from 2-12, but that doesn't mean it is not for adults without kids.

Ed and I visited Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park during our staycation in Lapita Hotel early this month. That day, we were the only adults without children in tow inside the water park... which was quite strange at first. But, when we started unleashing the kids in us, we actually had a blast!

A grown-up guide to Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai is tucked in a one big happy place known as Dubai Parks and Resorts. To get there from other theme parks in the area, you can hop in a shuttle bus for free or ride a buggy taxi. Coming from Lapita, Ed and I opted to take a short 10-minute stroll through the enchanted Riverland to Legoland.   

entrance to Legoland Dubai theme park and water park
entrance to Legoland Dubai theme park and water park 

Lady at Legoland Dubai
Trying to be Khaleesi, the Mother of Lego Dragon, here! :)

Legoland Water Park
We started our day at Legoland Waterpark. It is where most guests are heading in the morning as other theme parks only open in the afternoon. There was a bearable queue at the entrance. Bag check was done (outside food and drinks are not allowed), and then, we were welcomed to a colorful wonderland!    

Legoland Dubai water park
Legoland Water Park

Joker Soaker at Legoland Dubai
Joker Soaker water playground and Build-a-Raft lazy river

Lego structures at Legoland Dubai
This little guy is guarding the food stall!

water playground at Legoland Dubai
a closer look at the colorful Joker Soaker

Changing rooms and lockers are located near the entrance. In all the water parks we have been to, Legoland has the most efficient changing room. Each shower cubicle comes with a small changing area with a bench. Come to think of it, if I found it very convenient, then how much more for mothers with kids! 

Lockers can be rented at a minimal cost, but since we left most of our valuables in the hotel, we decided to leave our bags in a sunbed. Yes, in a public place. Well, Dubai is practically safe. Have you seen the viral honesty test video? Theft is basically the least of our worries. But yeah yeah you can never tell, so if you want to have a peace of mind, rent a locker! :)  

Lady inside Legoland water park Dubai
Blending in! 

Before hitting the slides, we looked for a place to eat. We found a food cart selling nachos and hotdogs, and a food counter with better options for adults. Ed ordered a burger combo, while I went for a chicken fillet. As anticipated, they serve basic theme park food. Nothing special, just enough to fill out stomachs.

food cart at Legoland Water Park
food cart at Legoland Water Park

combo meal at Legoland Water Park
Combo Meal: Burger, Fries, Drink: 35 AED

Legoland Water Park has over 20 water slides and attractions. All are kid-friendly; hence Ed did not get the dare-devil thrill he wanted. But the tube and body slides gave us a good adrenaline rush. For some downtime, we enjoyed the Lego Wave Pool and the Build-a-Raft river.

Here's a video on our Legoland Water Park experience:

Legoland Dubai
After spending 2 fun hours in Legoland Water Park, Ed and I decided to pack our bags and head out to Legoland Dubai Theme Park. These two parks are connected, but with separate entrance fees.

Legoland Dubai is an interactive theme park with over 40 Lego themed rides, shows and attractions. The park is divided into six theme lands namely Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland.   
The BIG Shop at Legoland Dubai.
The BIG Shop at Legoland Dubai.

Our first stop was at the Factory. It was just right to start our Legoland visit in this zone. When I was a child, and until now, I think LEGO is the best toy ever! And it was great to finally see how this colorful interconnecting bricks are made in Legoland Dubai's Factory. 

At the end of our factory tour, we received a yellow Lego brick souvenir fresh from the mill!  

Lego Factory at Legoland Dubai
Lego Factory

lego store at Legoland Dubai.
OC Lego fans can pick-a-brick by color at the Factory. 

Unlike the water park, Legoland Dubai has a variety of restaurants and cafes. We had our lunch at The Cafe located near the main entrance. Ed and I were so happy to see grown-up meals on the menu. I had a quinoa salad while he had a sandwich. Both were displayed in a chiller, ready-made, but tasty!

cafe at Legoland Dubai
one of the dining areas in Legoland Dubai 

Right after lunch, we explored the rest of Legoland Dubai starting from Miniland - an indoor zone with iconic structures made of Lego bricks. More on that later as it where we spent most of our time. Then, we went to Lego City! Ed and I loved this area. We went boating at the Sea Port, checked out the driving school and created a Lego tower while in jail! Don't worry, Ma! It's a mock police station with a jail.

Driving a Lego boat is not as easy as I thought!

Lady in Legoland Dubai jail
Jailed... for committing a crime of pretending to be a kid! Kidding! Pun intended! Hahah!

Ed was a happy kid when we reached the Kingdoms. He finally spotted a roller coaster! Without further ado, he queued for The Dragon ride. It is an exhilarating roller coaster ride through the King's castle. No 360 loops, but he said it was exciting.

As it was midday and quite hot, we rushed through the Imagination and Adventure zones. These zones both have indoor and outdoor attractions. Riding the Technic Twister and visiting the Master Builder Academy are two of the many things to do at the Imagination Zone. While at the Adventure zone, an underwater experience awaits.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

dragon roller coaster in Legoland Dubai
Spot Ed riding the dragon?

imagination zone in Legoland Dubai
life size giraffes (made of Lego, or course) at Imagination zone 

As I have shared, Miniland took most of our time in Legoland Dubai. And it's not just because we were avoiding the summer heat! Primarily, we were super amazed with the miniature replicas! This attraction has a perfectly-made Lego model of Dubai skyline, complete with Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Metro, and the up and coming Ain Dubai ferris wheel!  

Dubai Skyline at Legoland Dubai's Miniland
Dubai Skyline at Legoland Dubai's Miniland 

Dubai buildings at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Recognize these buildings along Sheikh Zayed Road? 

Mall of the Emirates at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Mall of the Emirates, with some road construction ongoing outside

Ain Dubai ferris wheel at Legoland Dubai Miniland
 Legoland Dubai gives us an idea on how Ain Dubai will look like! 

Miniland also has a mini-Old Dubai. There's a creek with wooden boats and buildings with wind-catchers. We spotted the Gold Souk, Dubai Museum and even the Clock Tower! Further afield, life in the desert was presented with Bedouin tents, sand dunes and belly dancers! 

Ed at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Ed and the mini version of his favorite area in Dubai. 

Dubai Museum at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Dubai Museum and Dubai Taxi

desert safari at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Desert Safari. Lego-style! 

Miniland also has a display of iconic structures beyond Dubai. Intricate replicas of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, and Petra wowed us!

And what makes this zone more entertaining is that most Lego structures are interactive. With a touch of a button, a Lego Tom Cruise does his Mission Impossible stunt in Burj Khalifa,. Another button controls the Dubai Metro along SZR. Even the tiny details are in motion; the belly dancers are whirling and twirling, and the horses gallop beside the pyramids.  

grand mosque at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

details of grand mosque replica at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Look at the details!

pyramids at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Dream destination: Pyramids of Giza

Taj Mahal at Legoland Dubai Miniland
the majestic Taj Mahal

Petra at Legoland Dubai Miniland
Another spot in my 20 before 2020 list: Petra!

So, is Legoland also for adults? 
I believe it is. Ed and I were very much amused with the elaborate structures made of Lego. Although Ed - the adrenaline junkie - longed for more extreme attractions, we still enjoyed the theme park rides and the water slides. I think, Lego (the toy and the park) has the power to bring out the inner child in everyone of us. Lego knows no age!

----- Park Info -----
Legoland Dubai
Dubai Parks and Resorts
Jebel Ali

Entrance Fee as of September 2017:
Legoland Water Park: 165 AED/adult (Resident Rate)
Legoland Dubai: 165 AED/adult (Resident Rate)
Combo (1 day access for both parks): 285 AED/adult

Tip: Watch out for promotions at Lapita Hotel. 
Multi-park access was already included in our hotel stay!  

----- Location Map -----

How to get there by public transportation? 
Take the Dubai Metro - Red Line all the way to the last station in Jebel Ali. Alight in UAE Exchange metro station, and take a taxi from there. One way fare is around 30-40 AED.

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