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Feb 22, 2018

GourMed Brunch in Basilico at The Cove Rotana

Last weekend, Ed and I together with some friends headed North to try out the newest Friday Brunch in the UAE. Why travel for an hour just for brunch, you may ask. Well, the recently launched GourMed Brunch is held in Basilico at The Cove Rotana in Ras Al Khaimah. If you are familiar with this 5-star resort in the Northern Emirates, then you probably get me. But if not, allow me to share 10 reasons!

The Cove Rotana Ras Al Khaimah

1. Perfect Venue
The Cove Rotana Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts in the UAE. Set in an idyllic water inlet, it has a fusion of traditional Arabian charm and magnificent Mediterranean atmosphere. It is the ideal relaxation spot; most especially when you need to drift away from your usual environment and you can't afford to travel out of the country due to time or budget constraint.      

The Cove Rotana Resort
The Cove Rotana Resort

This resort teleports me to a faraway place.

The Cove Rotana Resort pool
Views for days, isn't it?

The Cove Rotana Resort beach area
Studies show that ocean views can wash the stress away! :)

2. Awesome Ambiance in Basilico
Basilico, where GourMed brunch is taking place every weekend, is an award-winning restaurant. With its arched brown brick ceiling and warm wood furniture, this sophisticated dining venue whisked me away to a picturesque town by the Mediterranean sea. It also has an outdoor terrace where guests can soak up the sun and enjoy the sea breeze.

Basilico at The Cove Rotana Resort
Award-winning restaurant at The Cove Rotana

inside Basilico at The Cove Rotana Resort
Basilico has a rustic Mediterranean interior.

Basilico outdoor seating at The Cove Rotana Resort
It has an outdoor terrace with unfettered resort views! 

3. Sprawling Mediterranean-inspired Buffet 
True to its name, the Friday Brunch at Basilico treated us to a delicious GourMed - Gourmet and Mediterranean - love affair! The restaurant was filled with dishes inspired by fresh herbs and sun-kissed flavors of the Mediterranean. From the finest cheeses of Spain, France, and Italy, to a variety of gazpacho, appetizers, and desserts, I was totally spoilt for choice.  

4. Roaming Risotto in a Parmesan Wheel
Halfway through the appetizers, a chef with a trolley of gigantic cheese caught my attention. It turned out that he's serving creamy risotto straight out from the parmesan wheel! This is absolutely a brunch highlight! Check it out in the video below.   

5. Pass-around hot appetizers
What made the GourMed Brunch so unique is that other than the extensive buffet, hot appetizers are offered straight from the kitchen to the table. I think there's no other way to enjoy mozzarella sticks and crab cakes than having them warm and fresh from the pan! 

Finest cheeses from the Mediterranean
Finest cheeses from the Mediterranean

gazpacho in GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
a variety of gazpacho - a classic Spanish cold soup

healthy options in GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
Healthy options: Fruits and Detox drinks

salad station in GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
a part of the salad station

charcuterie in GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
Charcuterie and Chips

appetizer at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
one of the vibrant-looking appetizers

dessert at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
This is the QUEEN of cheesecakes!

tiramisu at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
More desserts from the Mediterranean! 

6. Fresh Seafood 
Back to the buffet, a delightful variety of fresh seafood is a welcoming sight! They got plump shrimps, meaty crabs and lobsters, delectable mussels and oysters! The seafood lover in me silently jumped for joy! 

seafood at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
Seafood counter at the GourMed Brunch

crab at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
Nothing but the freshest catch!

7. A la Carte Menu (which includes Black Spaghetti!)
Main dishes at the GourMed Brunch are served a la carte. I truly adore this concept! Dishes are cooked only upon request which I think can lessen food wastage. And guests can have their meat exactly the way they want it. It's basically a win-win situation.

Ed and I both loved the Duck Breast (cooked medium-well) in sweet-tangy caramelized apple and marsala wine sauce. Another favorite is the Spaghetti Alla Chittara or the black ink spaghetti topped with seafood and tossed in white wine sauce! And then, the 1/2 Baked Chicken created a show! The flambe cooking technique gave this dish a dramatic touch!    

menu at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
GourMed Brunch A la carte menu

black spaghetti at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
Black Ink Spaghetti

duck breast at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
Duck breast 

pasta at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
Homemade Ravioli

8. Live Music and Chill Rhythms
Throughout brunch time, Basilico was filled with good vibes and good music. We were serenaded with smooth and cool covers of songs we love. The music was so engaging that we couldn't help but bop our heads and sing along a few lines. I even spotted an old couple slow dancing! 

live music at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
Music from this awesome duo added amazing flair to the ambiance! 

9. It's for everyone!
With the extensive buffet spread plus the pass-around food, there is something to please every palate! There's a mixed crowd - families, a group of friends, couples - and everyone seems to have a blast! Adults have the option to indulge in a brunch package with free-flowing bubbly. The little ones, on the other hand, can enjoy a playdate in Flippers Kids Club!  

Ed and Lady at GourMed Brunch The Cove Rotana
GourMed Brunch can be a romantic date too!
Thanks to JM @boyinstik for this photo.

10. Excellent Service
GourMed Brunch is a hit. The outdoor seating was fully occupied, but we never felt unattended. Plates were cleared out on time. Goblets were refilled when nearly empty. The staff were courteous from start to finish! I know I've said this before, but I will never get tired of sharing that it has always been the people that make my #RotanaExperience extra-special. 

GourMed Brunch gave me that smile! :)

The feast and the outtakes in motion:

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For inspo, check out these amazing photos of our Instagrammer friends' @boyinstik and @takenbyjayven:

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TakenbyJayven at GourMed Brunch The Cove
Photo shared by @takenbyjayven


GourMed Brunch
Basilico restaurant at The Cove Rotana 
Every Friday from 12 nn until 4 pm 
Packages starting from AED 255
Contact # +971 7 206 6000
Location Map:

We were invited to experience the GourMed Brunch in Basilico at The Cove Rotana.
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