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Mar 4, 2018

How to Apply for Greece Schengen Visa in Dubai with a guide on how to fill-in the Schengen Visa Application Form

A month before our trip to Greece last October 2017, Ed and I have to secure an essential travel document... a Schengen Visa! The multiple Schengen Visa that we got from the Embassy of France last 2016 was only valid for 3 months; hence, we have to undergo the entire process all over again. 

I love traveling, but I hate visa applications! It always seems like a tedious process and the waiting game is stressful. But when I realized that if I look at the bigger picture, thinking about the negativities won't get me anywhere! 

I began seeing this whole process in a different perspective: I hate visa applications, but I LOVE TRAVELING! And I must say, wanderlust - that strong desire to see the world - can easily shake off the what-ifs, the doubts, and the fear!

So, let's secure that Schengen Visa, shall we?

how to apply for schengen visa and fill in the application form

Here are the steps on how to apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa to Greece from Dubai:

Step 1: Visit VFS Global website. 

At the Home page, look for Information on Visa/Permits. Choose Greece under Visiting Country, and United Arab Emirates under Applying from. Click GO and you will be directed to the Greece Visa Information in UAE home page. 

Choose Tourism under the Visa Types, then you'll get an overview of the application process. Download the checklist and Schengen visa application form. Please note that there are different types of Schengen Visas, so make sure you click the correct type based on the purpose of your visit.

Step 2: Prepare your documents based on the checklist and fill out your Schengen Visa application form.

Since I always receive inquiries on how to fill-in the Schengen Visa application form, here is a quick guide specifically for UAE residents:

1. Surname: Family name as indicated on your passport

2. Surname at birth: For married women, your former family name.

3. First Name: First name as indicated on your passport

4. Date of Birth: in day/month/year order

5. Place of Birth: as indicated on your passport

6. Country of Birth: where you were born

7. Current Nationality: Nationality at birth

8. Gender: Male or Female

9. Marital status: Legal civil status.

10. In the case of minors: Full name, address, and nationality of parents or legal guardian

11. National Identity Number: Emirates ID Number

12. Travel Document Type: Passport Type

13. Travel Document Number: Passport Number

14. Issue Date: Date your passport was issued in day/month/year order

15. Expiration Date: Passport expiration date in day/month/year order

16. Issued By: where the passport was issued (e.g. PE Abu Dhabi)

17. Applicant’s home address and email address: Your current address and email address

18. Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality: UAE Residence Visa

19. Current Occupation: Current job as indicated on your UAE residence visa

20. Employer: Name and address of the company where you are currently working

21. Main purpose of the journey: the purpose of your trip (e.g. Tourism)

22. Destination Member State: the country you will be visiting. If you're traveling to different Schengen countries, write the country where you will spend the longest time.

23. First Entry Member State: the country where you will enter the Schengen area

24. Number of entries requested: Single or Multiple. We usually apply for single entry, but the Embassy of France gave us 3 months multiple visa last year.

25. Length of Stay: Total number of days in the Schengen area

26. Schengen Visas issued during the past three years: Check NO if it's your first time to apply. YES, if you have obtained a Schengen Visa during the last 3 years.

27. Fingerprints: If your fingerprints were collected during your previous visa application, check YES and indicate the date.

28. Entry permit for your final destination country, if applicable: If you're heading to a country outside the Schengen area, write the number and validity dates of your visa at your final destination. If you're heading back to the UAE, write N/A or not applicable.

29. Intended date of arrival in the Schengen area: Flight arrival date

30. Intended date of departure in the Schengen area: Flight departure date

31. Surname and first name of the inviting person. If not applicable, name of hotel(s) or temporary accommodation(s): If you received an invitation to visit a family/friend, write the name of the person. If not, write your hotel name(s) and contact information. 

32. Name and address of inviting company/organization: If a company invited you to visit, write the company details. If not, write N/A or not applicable.

33. Cost of traveling and living during the applicant's stay is covered: Check the appropriate boxes. We usually tick these boxes: by the applicant himself/herself, cash, credit card, prepaid accommodation and prepaid transport.

34. Personal Information Regarding a Family Member who is a European Union, EEA, or Swiss National: N/A if you're not visiting a family member.

35. Family relationship: N/A if you're not visiting a family member.

36. Place and date: Where and when you filled the application form.

37. Signature: Affix your signature. While doing this, make sure that all the details you wrote in your application form are true and correct. False statements can result in visa refusal!

As for the documents required, here is a quick run through:

1. Visa application form: completed and signed as stated above

2. Passport: valid for at least 3 months, with at least 2 consecutive blank pages

3. Residence visa: valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from
the Schengen area.

4. Photocopies of passport data page, residence visa, and previous Schengen visas

5. Photo: not older than 6 months and as per specification

6. Travel medical insurance: must cover the entire period of intended stay and valid for all Schengen states with a minimum coverage of €30000

7. Air Tickets: copy of return flight ticket or reservation

8. Proof of financial means: original and stamped bank account statement for the past 6 months, payslips, salary certificate

9. Non-objection letter from employer or sponsor: original NOC letter from employer. This must include current position, monthly salary, date of employment and purpose of travel.

10. Accommodation: copy of hotel bookings

11. Mandatory additional documents: marriage certificate if traveling with spouse

Seems a lot? Wait. Here are some photos to fuel your wanderlust!

Oia in Santorini
Santorini is waiting!

Lady in Santorini
Picture yourself here...

Ed and Lady in Mykonos
and here!

Lady in Athens
You want to see the Acropolis, don't you?

Yes? Let's continue! :)

Step 3: Schedule an appointment online.
You need to sign up and log in to be able to book an appointment.

Step 4: On your appointment date, go to VFS Global in Wafi to submit your application.
Bring all the documents required and be there 15 minutes before your schedule. Present your appointment letter at the reception and you will be given a number. Once your number is called, you will submit your documents to the VFS staff. It will be checked thoroughly, so you just have to wait by the counter and answer if there are questions.

After checking, you will be asked to pay the fees. Then, you'll be directed to the Biometric room where a staff will take your photo and fingerprints. You will be given a receipt for passport collection.

Greece Schengen Visa Fees per person:
VFS service: 80 AED
Visa application fee: 240 AED
Courier: 40 AED

Step 5: Receive your passport with a Schengen Visa stamp!
Let's be positive here! In a matter of a week or two, you will receive a notification from VFS Global that your passport is ready for collection. Or if you paid for the courier, it will be delivered to your mailing address!

That's it! I hope this blog post will help you on your Schengen Visa for Greece application. Let me know your visa story in the comment section below! :)

Lady in Syntagma Square
Get ready to be amazed in Greece! 

Disclaimer: We are not connected with VFS Global. This blog post contains our personal experience with our Schengen Visa application for Greece. Please visit to know more about the visa application process.

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how to apply for schengen visa and fill out the form

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