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Oct 21, 2020

Seafood Thursdays in Medley at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre Hotel

When the pandemic started, dining out became a rare occasion for me and Ed. It was surprising and somehow funny how I transitioned from being a big eater in restaurants to a domesticated wife who preferred to eat home-cooked meals. But as expected, halfway through 2020, my taste buds longed for diversity. So when the new norms of eating out were implemented, we safely and slowly began rediscovering Dubai's food scene... starting from the restaurants we loved pre-Covid.

Medley in Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre Hotel was one of our go-to venues for theme night buffets and Iftars in the past. Following the municipality's strict safety guidelines, it recently reopened and reintroduced Seafood Thursdays. 

Safety + Seafood. Those two are enough reasons for me to go back to Medley.

Medley Dubai Seafood Thursdays Buffet

Dining in Medley
While a staff courteously guided us to our table, I glanced around and was happy to see that Medley's interior is unchanged. It has always been exuding a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance. Adding to the excellent atmosphere, the decors for Seafood Night is on point! 

Adhering to the safety protocol, the buffet spread is now enclosed in glass panels. Social distancing is observed in the seating plan and buffet queue. Everyone is required to wear a mask that can only be taken off when eating.

Medley Restaurant in Pullman Dubai Hotel
Seafood Thursdays in Medley

Sumptuous Seafood Spread in Medley 
For starters, Medley offers a vast selection of seafood appetizers. The spread was brimming with sushi, salads, steamed mussels and shrimps, and too-pretty-to-eat seafood cocktails. My favorite has to be the shrimp cocktail. I totally adored the presentation, not to mention that perfect creamy concoction that goes so well with the succulent shrimps!

Seafood Appetizers in Medley Pullman Dubai
Seafood Appetizers

Sushi Rolls in Medley Pullman Dubai
Sushi Rolls

Shrimp Cocktail in Medley Pullman Dubai
Shrimp Cocktail

Starters in Medley Pullman Dubai
A closer look at the different starters

Lady in Medley Pullman Dubai
Just random snaps of a happy seafood lover 

Seafood Paella
Every buffet has a highlight or as Ed and I often identify as a star of the night. And for Medley's Seafood Thursdays, it was the Paella. The rice was perfectly cooked with a tinge of spice, and topped with a generous amount of seafood. 

Seafood Paella in Medley Pullman Dubai
Seafood Paella and the live-cooking station

Seafood Paella in Medley Pullman Dubai
One hefty serving coming right up!

Seafood Paella in Medley Pullman Dubai
Two thumbs up for this!

Fresh Sustainable Seafood
Also not the be missed is the fresh seafood counter for the live cooking station. It has an array of sustainable fish and shellfish. Guests can choose from the spread and have it grilled or pan-fried. We opted to have grilled barracuda fish, shrimps, and sand lobsters. We even went for a second round of the latter. It was that good! 

fresh seafood in Medley Pullman Dubai
Fresh seafood counter

seafood counter in Medley Pullman Dubai
Two slices of barracuda, two lobsters, and four shrimps, please!

seafood options in Medley Pullman Dubai
Lots of options. No oysters, but there's sand lobster. So all is well. :)

grilled seafood in Medley Pullman Dubai
Fresh from the grill!

Ed in Medley Pullman Dubai
Nothing but smiles for a good seafood dinner! 

The dessert spread is not that huge, but the offerings are enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. Having a heavy flavorful seafood meal, I actually think that a dessert with a clean and simple finish is the right way to go. 

assorted tartlets in Medley Pullman Dubai
Assorted Tartlets

desserts in Medley Pullman Dubai
Sweet tooth satisfied!

Seafood Thursdays at Medley is a great choice for seafood lovers and buffet eaters. The restaurant embraces sustainability and safety while serving the finest seafood buffet in town. And I think that really matters during this tough time! 

We were invited to dine at Medley Restaurant. Opinions in this blog post are my own.

Medley Restaurant
1st floor, Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

Seafood Night: 7 to 11 pm, every Thursday
To book your table, please call +971 4 294 1222 or email

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