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Oct 29, 2020

Decadence Breakfast in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa

And just like that, I turned 38! :)

I'm not a fan of throwing big birthday parties, hence turning a year older during the time of social distancing didn't bother me. But yes, I must admit, I was sad that I couldn't go home to see my parents or at least travel to a new place just like how I spent my birthdays before.

Stuck in Dubai with a full 9-hour shift to render, I searched for a good place to have my birthday breakfast. My work starts at 11:30 AM, so my options are limited as most cafes only open at 10. Then, I saw that Atmosphere in Burj Khalifa has a breakfast voucher on The Entertainer app, and the restaurant opens at 7 AM! Hmmm! Early breakfast at the world's highest restaurant sounded brilliant. And to think it's Buy 1 Get 1 Free... splendid! 

Atmosphere Burj Khalifa breakfast review

Reservation and Getting to Atmosphere in Burj Khalifa

It was a weekday, but I nudged Ed to reserve a table by the window two days ahead. Upon confirmation, the staff gave him instructions on how to get to Atmosphere. 

First, we need to go through the Armani Hotel entrance. Next, take the hotel elevator down to Atmosphere's reception desk to confirm our reservation. Then, take the world's fastest elevator to Level 123. And lastly, walk down the winding staircase to Level 122. Confused? Fret not as there is always an accommodating staff to ask if you get lost somewhere.    

view from Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
View from Level 123 of Burj Khalifa

staircase in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
From Level 123, walked down this regal staircase to the restaurant.

Views from the World's Highest Restaurant
Atmosphere Restaurant and Lounge is located on Level 122 of Burj Khalifa. It is only two floors below At The Top observation deck, so the views are just as breathtaking! We were given a table overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road, but the wait staff allowed us to look around the lounge, check out the views, and choose a different table if we want to.  

Ed and I settled in the table reserved for us. After all, Sheikh Zayed Road and its skyscrapers is a classic view that never gets old! 

lounge view in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
View from Atmosphere Lounge

view of Downtown Dubai from Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Downtown Dubai 

view of Dubai Canal from Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
view of Dubai Canal 

view of Dubai skyscrapers from Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
skyscrapers in Sheikh Zayed Road

Breakfast in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
We ordered the Decadence Menu. It is a full breakfast set composed of an array of starters, a main course, a sweet breakfast dish, and a variety of drinks.

Our coffee was served first, and minutes later, a silver 4-tier breakfast stand came. The extensive selection somehow reminded me of the opulent breakfast platter in Burj Al Arab, but the spread in Atmosphere was presented in a sleek and contemporary way. It has French cheese, exotic fruit slices, seasonal berries, Wagyu cold cuts, French bread and pastry, and organic Greek yogurt parfait. 

Breakfast menu in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Breakfast menu in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa

Breakfast stand in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Atmosphere's Decadence Breakfast Stand

coffee in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
But first, coffee! :)

fancy breakfast in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Then, we'll have everything else!

breakfast pastry in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Love those pastries!

Fancy Egg Dishes for Breakfast in Burj Khalifa
After almost an hour of indulging in fine breakfast starters, we decided it was time for the main course. Around this time, we noticed that most tables by the window are already occupied. So, calling ahead for a reservation is definitely a must even for a weekday breakfast!

For the main course, I ordered Poached Organic Eggs with avocado salsa and spicy sausages. Ed, on other hand, chose to have Fried Eggs with summer black truffle and wagyu bacon. Along with the egg dishes, we had freshly squeezed fruit juices.  

poached eggs in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Poached Eggs

breakfast date in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Breakfast Date! 

breakfast juices and fried eggs in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Watermelon juice, Pineapple juice, Fried Eggs

Sweet Breakfast Dishes in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
We were already full, but Atmosphere's Decadence Breakfast isn't over yet. As soon as we cleared our plates, the staff asked if we're ready for the sweets! It was Crepes Suzette for me, and Brioche French Toast for Ed.

Let's talk about Crepes Suzette! It was beautifully plated with berries and edible flowers. The Mandarin reduction made it taste refreshing, and the latte ice cream provided a sweet and creamy finish! 

Halfway through my crepes, a lovely birthday cake was brought to our table. A gentle reminder that it was my day and I deserved to indulge in the decadence that Atmosphere offers! 

sweet breakfast crepe in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Crepes Suzette

French toast in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
Brioche French Toast with Coffee Luwak ice cream

birthday in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
A little birthday celebration at the top!

Loo with a View
Before heading out, I made a quick trip to Atmosphere's washroom and surprise surprise... it's a loo with a view! I could see the dazzling Dubai Fountain and Downtown Dubai from there!

toilet views in Atmosphere Burj Khalifa
The luxurious powder room of Atmosphere Burj Khalifa

Hand washing and sightseeing at the same time! :) 

Atmosphere is frankly fancy. It is a special place for special occasions. The service is outstanding. The breakfast ambiance is a wow. I bet it's also exceptional for high tea and sunset dinner! The food selection for the Decadence Breakfast Set is diverse and well-thought-of, like puzzle pieces that perfectly complement each other!

Atmosphere Decadence Breakfast is priced at 345 AED per person. A reusable 2-for-1 breakfast voucher is on The Entertainer, so that makes this luxury breakfast with a view more reasonable. 

Turning a year older in Dubai never looked so good! 

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