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Dec 8, 2012

Weekend Brunch at Texas Roadhouse

Who doesn't love tender beef ribs and steaks, fresh-off-the-grill? Very few, two out of 10, or probably, nobody! So, the long queue at Texas Roadhouse was never a surprise for me. Whenever I'm at Dubai Mall on a weekend, I often notice a large crowd at the reservation desk and people at the couches or at boutiques with the restaurant's pager on hand. Texas Roadhouse has a lively atmosphere and delicious grilled items on the menu. A restaurant where diners can have a fun-dining, rather than fine-dining, experience.  

 My weekend buddies and I were back at Texas Roadhouse, weeks ago, for brunch.
We intentionally skipped breakfast to have more room for a protein-loaded meal!  

Texas Roadhouse Dubai Mall

the vintage juke box and the funny signboard
This reminds me to bring timber, instead of cash, next time. :)

Steak options: Sirloin and Ribeye in different sizes 

The open kitchen at the restaurant's entrance.
We were welcomed by an appetizing aroma of grilled meat!

We were quite busy chit-chattering and munching peanuts while waiting for our order.

complimentary peanuts in a bucket

another freebie: warm bread with butter and cinnamon spread

Healthy option before the high-protein main courses: Caesar Salad

House Salad with ranch dressing

Entree #1: Sirloin Beef Tips
(tender pieces of sirloin with sauteed mushrooms and onions)

The side dish: french fries in large cuts

Entree #2: Beef Ribs with Texas Roadhouse BBQ sauce (my fave)
served with mashed potato on the side

The entrees are in huge servings, good enough for 4 people to share.

The dancing waiters! A fun entertainment while we were having our brunch.
Oh and they love their job so much, their shirts told us loud and clear! :)

The restaurant is warm and cozy. It must be because of the country-inspired interior.
The dividers were wooden with cactus plants on top.  

And there were lots of cowboy stuff on the wall.

The food was scrumptious, as always. The service was fast. The people were polite and cheerful.
Well, the restaurant's tagline "Legendary Food, Legendary Service with Legendary People" says it all. 

The Bill:

We spent 50 AED per person, not bad for a heavy brunch in a fun-dining restaurant.
Click here for Texas Roadhouse menu and location.

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  1. I love reading posts about people's weekend getaways especially those from other countries. Thanks for taking us to the Texas Roadhouse.

  2. Hi Rose! Same here, I love reading blogs about getaways too. :)
    Thanks for the visit!

  3. I like that- fun-dining! Sarap naman ng food, and great that you didn't have to shell out so much money for it :)

  4. I really enjoy visiting your blog. It's like you're taking me with you to Dubai.

  5. The food looks yummy! Now I'm craving for some Melo's with Ribeye Toasted Fats on my rice. :) Pinoy na pinoy. I eat my steak with rice. :D

  6. I will always go for the salad and steak combo. Yummm!

  7. wow ribs and mashed potatoes is a great combination.

  8. So cool! Now I'm craving for beef! Try paying with timber and I wonder if they will really accept it. Heehee!

  9. Waahh the food looks great. I'm already drooling while reading and looking at the pictures.

  10. Those are indeed delicious food you ordered! The dancing waiters must be a great hit also in the resto.. were they good looking, hihihihi :p

  11. wow.. may dancing waiter pa.. it sure fun dining in there..

  12. Wow, I didn't know there were dancing waiters in that restaurant. How interesting! And AED200 for 4 people is not bad at all. Thank you for sharing this awesome review, Lady!

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Nadia! Thanks for the visit and the sweet comment. The waiters dance every hour I think, or you may also request your server for a dance number! That's what we did! :) Heheheh!

  13. Whew, every time I visit your blog lagi na lang akong ginugutom! Haha.

  14. hmmm. this make me crave for penuts again..but I need to resisst it because of the uric acid. hehehe

  15. Got to try this soon with my family too. Steaks are like everywhere in Dubai but I think Texas Roadhouse is one not to be missed. :) Great pix there too!