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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chillout: The Coolest Lounge in Town

There is a lounge in Dubai where you can chill and feel the chills! Chillout, pronounced as 'chill out', is a bar/cafe where everything is made of ice; from tables and chairs to decorations. We have been to Chillout 2 years ago, I didn't had a blog back then. Their promotional deal was back at Cobone late last year, that reminded me of our unique afternoon date. Since today is Thursday, I'm taking a break on my usual Insta-pic  of the Week post, here's a Throwback Thursday post on Chillout instead. :) 

Lady in Chill out Dubai

Before we went inside the lounge with a sub-zero temperature, we were given thick coats, hand gloves, furry hats  and funny-looking booties to wear.

Lady and Ed at Chillout Dubai

We entered the -6º C ice lounge, fully-geared.
It was around 3 in the afternoon. There were only 2 couples and a family inside, so we had the chance to take a lot of snaps at the couches and ice sculptures.

Chillout Dubai Chilly Interior
Chillout's chilly interior
Chillout's dividers and sculptures
sculptures and dividers made of ice
Ice Sculptures of Dubai infrastractures
ice sculptures of Dubai's iconic structures
ice chair sculpture at Chillout Dubai
ice chair covered with soft, white fur 
Our entry at Chillout came with a free hot choco and chicken barbecue (served in a grill). There are also sandwiches, sushi, mocktails and even ice cream on the menu! 

Chillout's barbeque and hot choco
Chillin at Chillout
Unique Date Spot at Chillout Dubai
Chillout is one of the unique date spots that we've been to.
It was too cold, we had a reason to sit closer! Heheh!
Heart Sculpture Chillout Dubai
I love love Chillout!
Regular entry at Chillout, with complimentary mocktail, costs 60 AED per person. The deal that we purchased at was only at 49 AED per person. It was a package which included the entrance fee, hot chocolate drink and barbecue. So next time you see the deal online, don't hesitate to buy some for you and your friends! :) 

Chillout Dubai outside

Chillout is at Times Square Center in Al Quoz. For current store timings and reservations, click here for Chillout's website.


  1. Wow, this must be an experience for both you and your husband! :)

    BTW sis, di ba nakakatakot gamitin ung winter jacket nila (for hygiene purpose)?

    1. I think they wash it naman every after use. :)

  2. Wah I think there's one also in Manila but I haven't check it out yet. I want to try it hopefully sooon.

  3. Oooh, chillout nga talaga! Must be cool to hang out there!

    1. Super cool! :) But it's not really a place to hang out for hours. We only stayed for 30 minutes, it was really cold.

  4. It sure looks like a cool place! :) Love the decors particularly.

    1. Coolest cafe in the UAE (literally)! Hehehe!

  5. That place is freezingly beautiful :)

  6. Whoa! Freezingly cool!!! Like your costumes. Pang Eskimo :D

  7. wow, this is such an extraordinary date

  8. How many degrees kaya inside? The concept sure is unique, for someone from a tropical country like ours. What is the conversion to peso?

    1. -6º C Sis. 1 dirham is 11.05 pesos as of the moment.

  9. Its a cute idea! I love that you have lots of unique dining dyan !

  10. It's a nice shot Sis on the first pic! It's a good dining experience and you are lucky to get the chance to experience such. Really awesome!

  11. Wow -6 degrees! I would like to try chilling out in an ice bar too. hehe But not in my condition right now, ubo ubo go away!


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