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Jan 30, 2013

Superman-Wannabe at iFLY Dubai

I am not the storyteller for today because I have a guest who wants to share an awesome experience! :) He is a dare devil, a big fan of everything extreme. He is my travel buddy, my tech support and my partner-in-whatever. He has written a post before and I'm so glad he agreed to write for my blog again. I think you know who he is! I, now, present to you my guest blogger for today... drum roll... my husband, Ed! :)  -Lady

I think most of us have dreamed of being able to fly, to be like Superman, soaring from one place to another. In iFLY Dubai, I was able to be like Superman, minus the cape! iFLY Dubai at Mirdif City Centre is an indoor Skydiving simulator which allows a person to fly inside a tunnel, a first of its kind in the UAE. As they say, it is a preparation to Skydiving (which I’m planning to cross out on my bucket list someday)!  

Ed at IFly DUbai

Upon registration at the iFLY reception, I was given a scheduled time since there were lot of people on queue. I was registered at 11:00 am and scheduled to fly at 12:30 pm. When my turn came, I entered a room along with other iFlyers. The instructor showed a 10 minute video about iFLY. On the video are some tips and tricks on flying, and safety precautions while inside the tunnel.  Then, they provided the suit and helmet for me to wear.

Changing Suit at PlayNation's Ifly Dubai

Once I was geared up, I entered a transparent cylindrical area where I waited for my turn. iFlyers are given two rounds of flying, each round with 1 minute allotted time. The instructor, inside the tunnel, gave guidelines and assisted each iFlyer. 

Ifly Dubai Inside Tunnel

When I entered into the iFly tunnel, a vertical tunnel with upward air pressure, I had to drop my body to the floor and do the surrender position with open palms. As soon as I started to fly, I mean float (not even close to what Superman does), I needed to concentrate and maintain balance to stay afloat. I had to be very careful or else I might flip or fall or bump my head on the glass wall. I tried my best to keep my mouth closed because the pressure caused saliva splatters. That would be gross to see in pictures and video! I could say my first try was good, but one minute was too short, I wanted more!

Ed flying at Ifly Dubai

Superman Wannabe at Ifly Dubai

On my 2nd chance, the instructor guided and lifted me to the top of the tube. We flew up and swiftly went down. Then, after the whole session, the instructor flaunted some iFLY stunts; he ran on the transparent wall, flew down, then up and somersault in the air! How did he do that? That's a question I still couldn't answer, maybe if I'll take an advance course I'll able to do what he did. 

Ed and Instructor going up at ifly

Ed flew at PlayNation's Ifly Dubai

Certificate of PlayNation's ifly Dubai

iFLY regular fee for a first time flyer is 215AED, but since my wife is a discount-crazy woman, she bought my ticket for only 99AED at a daily deal website. There is an extra charge of 199AED for the official photo and video.

watch the video

Ready to skydive,

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