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Jan 12, 2013

New Year's Eve Dinner at Red Shrimp

Two years ago, Ed and I welcomed 2011 at the foot of Burj Khalifa and witnessed the grandest fireworks display I've ever seen. We wanted to do that again for 2013, but due to unwanted health-related circumstances (in short, I wasn't well), we couldn't stay away from home. So, the only option that we had was to have dinner at a restaurant with a terrace where we could view the fireworks. Red Shrimp at Burjuman Center was the only restaurant I can think of, it has a terrace, it's just a short walk from our place and it's something new for both of us. 

I booked a table for two at Red Shrimp hours before our scheduled dinner. Over the phone, I asked the manager if we could see the fireworks from the terrace, he said that we could have a great view of the fireworks at Dubai Creek and see a little of Burj Khalifa. 

Red Shrimp Burjuman

We arrived at Red Shrimp at 9 pm. The restaurant was half empty, probably because most people were at Downtown Dubai for the New Year's Eve countdown at Burj Khalifa. There are 3 dining spots at Red Shrimps; there's an air-conditioned room, an al fresco dining area with a live band and a terrace overlooking Karama.  

Private Cabana Red Shrimp
At Red Shrimp, diners can have a romantic dinner at a private cabana...
Dine at the Terrace Red Shrimp
... or dine with a view at the terrace
Air-conditioned Restaurant
...or have a meal at a typical air-conditioned restaurant. 

We were quite far from the live band, but we can hear the music at our table. The singers were good, they even accepted song requests. Our only concern was that they mostly played slow songs from the 80s. Yes, it was perfect for the restaurant's romantic atmosphere, but it would have been better if they played upbeat music since it was New Year's Eve.  

Live band at New Year's Eve

Based on the restaurant's name, I didn't expect anything else but seafood. To our surprise, they also serve beef, lamb and chicken dishes, but I was looking forward on feasting on shrimps. I've read somewhere that shrimp is a good luck food for New Year's Day as it resembles a hunched-back of an elderly person, which symbolizes Longevity. 

Red Shrimp Menu
This is not the daily paper, this is Red Shrimp's Menu! Very unique, isn't it?   
Readint the Red Shrimp Menu
reading The Daily Catch aka Red Shrimp's Menu
Seafood Started Platter
For starters, we ordered the Seafood Starter Platter
(seafood spring rolls, fried calamari, shrimp in pandan leaves and shrimp cake)

Our thirst-quenchers: Strawberry Iced Tea for me and Apple Iced Tea for Ed
Strawberry Iced TeaApple Iced Tea

Red Shrimp's Signature Platter
I came for shrimps, so we ordered the Red Shrimps Signature Platter.
(a humongous plate of 25 shrimps served with 3 kinds of dip and vegetable fried rice) 
Feasting on Seafood New Year's Eve
feasting on seafood
Last Dinner Date 2012
last dinner date for 2012
The Dessert Lava Chill
The dessert: Lava Chill
(fried ice cream with cherry and chocolate syrup on top)

I give Red Shrimps a satisfactory rating. The ambiance was close to perfect because of the live music and the unique concept at the al fresco dining area. The Signature Shrimp Platter was nothing special; according to Ed, my home-cooked shrimp dish tastes better! The starter platter and the fried ice cream were okay, but were not enough to leave a great impression on our taste buds. The price, oh the price is such an issue! I think, everything's a bit over the top. See our total bill below. Though I like the romantic setting, I can't consider it as restaurant I can go to regularly because dining at Red Shrimp hurts the pocket! 

The Bill:
Seafood Starter Platter: 47 AED
Red Shrimp Signature Platter with Rice: 109 AED
Lava Chill: 39 AED
Large Water: 18 AED
2 Iced Teas: 36 AED
Total: 249 AED

* For those who are wondering about the fireworks display that we wanted to see from Red Shrimp's terrace, read my previous post. Click here.

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