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Monday, February 4, 2013

Spontaneous Staycation at Grandeur Hotel

Ed and I have been very spontaneous recently, from our date nights to our weekend staycations. It feels good to wake up on a weekend morning without a single plan, but end the day somewhere least expected. One weekend, while having lunch at home, we talked about how we missed having mini-vacations. Out of the blue, we decided to book a hotel stay for the weekend. Since it was a bit late to travel to another Emirate, we looked for a place in Dubai, easily accessible yet far from the busy town center. 

After browsing the hotel list at booking.com, we found Grandeur Hotel in Al Barsha, a hotel with good reviews, great location and super low rate.   

Grandeur Hotel Outside

Grandeur Hotel is just a 5-minute taxi ride from Mall of the Emirates, or 15 minutes by feet.

Signage Mall of the Emirates

It is a simple 3-star hotel, with basic amenities; no welcome drinks and hot towels upon check in, no pianist in the lobby. But I wasn't disappointed because I never expected for something extravagant.

Grandeur Hotel Key Card
I didn't had a photo of the hotel's lobby, here's a photo of it on our key card instead.

Bubble Chandeliers Hotel Lobby
bubble chandeliers at the hotel lobby

Our room was perfectly fine. It has an extra large, super comfortable bed, a mini bar, complimentary water, coffee and tea, spacious washroom, a bath tub and toiletries... almost complete! Two things missing are bedroom slippers and dental kits, these are stuff that guests have to request and pay for.    

Bed Executive Room Grandeur Hotel

freebies grandeur Hotel

Bathroom Set Grandeur Hotel

Complimentary Tea and Coffee

Grandeur Hotel has a swimming pool at the roof top, overlooking Dubai. It is a quiet spot where you can unwind and watch the busy city from afar.

Rooftop Swimming Pool Grandeur

Rooftop Pool Swimming Pool

The hotel also offered a free shuttle to the beach and to Oasis Centre Mall.  

Shuttle Service Timing

We booked a smart deal at www.booking.com, so we only paid 300AED for our overnight stay. It was 80% off the hotel's published room rate for an Executive Room! 

Pricelist Grandeur Hotel Dubai

How I love spontaneity and the quality time that comes along with it!
Have you done something spontaneous or do you prefer to always have a plan? 

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  1. Still a good hotel to stay and unwind. A relaxing place indeed.

  2. Wow! You got such a bargain! Imagine 80% off. :) It's really wonderful how you can just go places on weekends.

    1. It was such a great deal from booking.com!

  3. I want to be spontaneous, too! But, it's a bit difficult with three little children in our care. :-)

    1. Hi Cym! That's why were making the most of our weekends while we still don't have kids. We know that all these date nights and staycations might not be possible anytime soon. :)

  4. We also don't have the luxury of spontaneity!... but I am happy this year my husband and son will come with me when I plan to travel! It has been three years since we travelled far together!

    1. wow, that's great! I love family trips! :)

  5. In my experience, spontaneous is always best :) Nice hotel!

  6. i love spontaneity too
    whenever i'm with my bf, we do unstructured activities and just enjoy it

  7. The hotel seems nice.
    We do plans too but sometimes ended not as planned. Sometimes, there are also instances of spontaneous decisions like going home to province and going to somewhere else.

  8. Nice find! I don't think we're the kind to go on a whimsical trip, though. hihihi...

  9. Wow! Grabeh bonggacious talaga!

  10. Cool rooftop swimming pool. Am so tempted to go for a staycation myself too if I can get away with HB w/o the kids.

  11. i hope you enjoyed your stay.. :)

  12. that's simple yet memorable bonding moment with your hubby. by the way, the swimming pool looks so clean and cook. Did you try it?

  13. Sounds good! You have very well managed your hotel, look so pretty all of it. And I like much the room & all facilities are fantastic.Very nice place. I love the information and appreciate your hard work.

  14. Nice hotel sis. The last time I stay in a hotel was almost 6 years ago in Bangkok. But I am alone so I didn't enjoy my stay. Hehe.

    Mommy Maye2

  15. I'd love to have staycations like this, if only I could convince the boyfriend. hehe :) Kung aayaw sya, ako na lang magisa, haha!


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