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Feb 22, 2013

Dubai City Tour via The Metro: The Green Line

On my previous post, I have shared suggestions and tips on making a do-it-yourself tour via the Red Line of the Dubai Metro. Our sight-seeing trip does not end on the Red Line, it's time to have a journey on the Metro's Green Line.

Dubai City Tour via Green Line

If The Red Line conveniently takes passengers to the modern and amazing structures of the city, The Green Line runs through the heart and soul of  Dubai. Using the metro's green line, one can visit heritage sights, museums and traditional souks. It's time to embrace Old Dubai; here's a list of attractions in every station on the green line along with some suggestions on which station to skip and where to hop off. Listed from Etisalat to Creek.  
Dubai City Tour Green_Line map
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The train depot is located in this station. There nothing touristy to see in here.
Dubai City Tour Green Line Etisalat

Al Qusais 1
This is another station to skip. No tourist sights, just residential and commercial buildings. Additional information for Filipinos, hop off this train station if you need to go the Philippine Consulate; ride the bus or take a cab from here.
Dubai City Tour Green Line Al Qusais

Airport Free Zone
Near the metro station are residential areas and several establishments, still nothing touristy.
Dubai City Tour Green Line DAFZA

Al Nahda
And again, this is another station where you can sit back and relax.
Dubai City Tour Green Line Al_Nahda

Dubai Youth Hostel, a famous backpacker choice, is a short walk from this station.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Rashid Stadium

Al Qiyadah
This area does not have attractions. There are several hotel apartments and commercial establishments near the station.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Al_Qiyadah

Abu Hail
This is another residential and commercial area with hotel apartments and hospitals nearby.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Abu_Hail

Abu Bakr Seddiq
And again, not a station for a tourist to hop off!
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Abu_Bakr_siddiq

Salah Al Din
Reef Mall, Asiana Hotel and several hotel apartments are near this station. Reef Mall is quite small compared to other shopping malls in the city, but has all the basics. Asiana Hotel is famous for buffet-dining at La Mesa Grill and for disco-dancing at Boracay Bar.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Salahuddin

Now, this is a station for tourists! Union serves as an interchange for train passengers, the red and green lines intersect in this station. As I have mentioned on the Red Line guide, the oldest shopping mall (Al Ghurair Centre), Dubai Creek and the Union Square Bus Staion is very near. 
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Union

Baniyas Square
There are commercial centers and cheap hotel accommodations in Baniyas Square. From the station, you can walk to Deira Grand Souk and Dubai Creek.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Baniyas_Square

Palm Deira
This station is named after one of the palm-shaped artificial islands in Dubai. Palm Deira is still not finished though, so just stay on the train and hop off on the next stop. Additional info for residents, Fish Market is near the station, but bear in mind that carrying fish is not allowed in the train, so you can only use the train on the way to the market.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Palm_Deira

Al Ras
If you want to go shopping for shiny shimmery stuff (yes I'm taking about jewelries), this is the station for you! Dubai Gold Souk is a short walk from Al Ras Metro Station. The gold souk is one of the attractions a tourist must visit; gold is cheaper here and most stores offer discounts. Spice Souk is also near; you can buy herbs, fragrances and spices in this market. Here, you can start you Old Dubai DIY Cultural Walking Tour.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Al_Ras

Al Ghubaiba
This station is adjacent to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station. Adjacent to the metro station is the Al Shindagha historical district, an area where you can have glimpse of the Bedouin lifestyle (details here).  A short walk from here, you can reach the Water Transport Station where you can ride a traditional wooden boat or the abra and cruise to the other side of Dubai Creek. Refer to my previous post for directions, click here. You can also visit the Old Souk near the creek for souvenir shopping. Beside the Old Souk is the Dubai Museum, another must-see in this area. In Dubai Museum, you can see Dubai's transformation from a simple desert land to a city of glitz and glamour.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Al_Ghubaiba

Al Fahidi
Tone up your leg muscles, take a 15-minute stroll to Bastakiya where you can have camel burgers at Local House Restaurant or have a relaxing afternoon at Arabian Tea House Cafe. Techie tourists will love Computer Street near Al Fahidi Station. There are several stores that sell gadgets, computer parts and other techie stuff at a very low price in this area.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Al_Fahidi

Like Union, the red and green line also meet at BurJuman Metro Station. Aside from BurJuman Shopping Mall, you can also find  affordable hotel apartments and hotels near the station. I highly suggest this area to tourists as you can access both train lines, can easily ride a bus and get a taxi cab  from here. London Crown Hotel, Regent Palace, Holiday Inn and Moon Valley Hotel Apartments are good options.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Burjuman

Oud Metha
For Catholic tourists who want to hear mass, this station is near St. Mary's Church. In case of emergencies, Rashid Hospital is a short walk away.
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Oud_Metha

Healthcare City
Healthcare City is a community of hospitals and clinics. This station is not just for those in need of a health check-up, you can also reach Wafi City through this station. Wafi City is an Egyptian-themed complex, with large pharaohs at the shopping mall entrance and a pyramid-shaped hotel. There are 2 more stations on the green line, namely Jaddaf-1 and Creek; both are still closed. As of the moment, Heathcare City station is where the green line ends. 
Dubai City Tour Green_Line Healthcare_City

For those who want to see the sights of the Old Dubai using the Metro's Green Line, there are 4 stations to remember:  Union, Al Ras, Al Ghubaiba, Al Fahidi! You'll surely love the simple and classic Old Dubai. 

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