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Feb 24, 2013

Dubai Miracle Garden: A Paradise on Earth

A miracle unfolded in the middle of the desert! 

Who would have thought that the world's most beautiful garden can be found in a dry desert land? Dubai Miracle Garden is indeed a miracle, a piece of paradise in a city where everything is possible. It has an area of 72,000 square meters, with 4 km pathways, 1 km flower wall and over 45 million flowers!  

Dubai Miracle Garden

ed and lady in Dubai Miracle Garden

I love flower gardens, but never had an idea about Dubai Miracle Garden at Dubailand. Shame on me! I've never seen an ad campaign prior its launch. It was my husband who discovered it while reading the daily paper. He was too excited to show me his latest find! So last Friday, he fetched me at work and took me to the Miracle Garden. He knew I would fall head over heels in love with the place.

unique flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden

And yes I did! Who wouldn't love to see beautiful landscape designs and unique flower arrangements? At Dubai Miracle Garden, there are pyramids, cubes and domes made of grass and colorful blooms!  I was stunned to see a huge area of flora in vivid colors; enclosed by a perimeter fence adorned with flowers, vying to be Guinness Records' longest flower wall in the the world!

eagle at Dubai Miracle Gardenpyramid at Dubai Miracle Garden

Cubes at Dubai Miracle Gardendomes at Dubai Miracle Garden

There is a bed of Petunia in different shades and flower arcs of pink Geranium!

bed of flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden

lady at Dubai Miracle Garden

At the end of the garden are two man-made lakes which made the attraction more refreshing and relaxing. 

lakes at Dubai Miracle Garden

arcs at Dubai Miracle Garden

If you have been to Al Ain Paradise, you can somehow spot some similarities. The pathway with heart arcs and floral pyramids may not surprise you, but Dubai Miracle Garden has a lot more to offer. It has bigger and bolder creative landscapes; huge flower umbrellas, peacocks with blossoms as feathers, flowers spilled from  a bucket made of grass and vintage cars adorned with greens and blooms! 

creative landscapes at Miracle Garden

Duck at Dubai Miracle Garden

pyramids at Dubai Miracle Garden

bucket of flowers at Miracle Garden

car at Dubai Miracle Garden

vintage car at Miracle Garden

Though I was so pleased with the view, there was a down side. My perception of a garden is a quiet place where I can day dream while lying on the grass, I couldn't do that at Dubai Miracle Garden! It was too noisy. The caretakers blew their whistles every second; thou shall not touch that, thou shall not sit there! The whistles were annoying, but of course, I totally understand that it is their responsibility to protect the plants and maintain the beauty of the garden. Kudos to them and to the people behind Dubai Miracle Garden for creating such a wonderful place in a desert land with the use of sub-surface irrigation. 

Lot of arcs at Miracle Garden

domes at Miracle Garden

flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden

more flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is open daily; 9 am until 9 pm on weekdays, 9 am until 11 pm on weekends. Entrance fee for adults and children above 3 years old is 20 AED. It is located at Dubailand, along Umm Suquiem Road, near DuBiotech. Location map at the end of this post. There were no buses to the garden when we visited last February, so we took the cab from Mall of the Emirates. This March 2013, RTA finally added Dubai Miracle Garden to the public bus routes; ride the F30 bus at Mall of the Emirates. For current bus route and schedule, please call RTA's hotline 8009090.

star at Dubai Miracle Garden

heart-shape flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden Lady at Dubai Miracle Garden

What are you waiting for? Visit Dubai Miracle Garden while the breeze is cool and the flowers are in full bloom. The garden will be closed during the peak of summer and will re-open before winter. See the miracle, the newest tourist attraction in Dubai, the biggest and the most beautiful natural flower garden  in the world! 

Dubai Miracle Garden location map
dubai miracle garden location map

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