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Feb 26, 2013

Far-East Delights at Wagamama

Ed and I are a foodie couple, I'm pretty sure you've noticed that. We love to eat and try different cuisines. When we dine, we let our taste buds explore the world. Recently, we had a gastronomic journey to the Far-East. Much to my husband's delight, I agreed to dine in a Japanese restaurant where he could have a bowl of ramen

wagamama at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Wagamama resembles a typical Japanese noodle bar. I was surprised when I learned that the restaurant originated in UK, not in Japan. Wagamama's first branch opened in London in 1992. Now, after more than a decade, there are over 90 branches all over the world, 3 of which are in Dubai.   

Inside Wagamama

Wagamama is a well-recommended restaurant; we have received a lot of positive feed backs from friends and some even gave us discount coupons, non of them convinced us to schedule a date night in there though. This is another restaurant we have overlooked, mainly because Dubai has too many dine-out options. It was my husband's love for ramen that lead us to Wagamama. He has been a noodle-freak lately, thanks to Naruto. Don't get it? Read my previous post, click here.

Ed ordered seafood ramen. It was a huge bowl of noodles and vegetable soup, topped with hammour, salmon, prawns and squid. It looked so enticing and it tasted authentically divine!    
Ed eating Ramen at Wagamama

Seafood Ramen at Wagamama

I couldn't decide on what to have for dinner, so I asked the wait staff for their specialty. She recommended chicken katsu curry which can be served a la carte or in a bento. Because I always love to have a salad with my meal, I ordered the Chicken Katsu Bento. Forgive the sad face on photo below; I was so hungry and tired, but that doesn't mean I'm not having a good meal in Wagamama.  
Lady Eating at Wagamama

The chicken katsu is hidden under a cup of Japanese rice, covered with mild spicy curry sauce. Along with that are three chicken gyoza, steamed edamame and a mix of  vegetables. All four dishes in the bento were superb; the edamame and  the greens were fresh, the chicken gyoza and the chicken katsu curry were extremely tasty.   
Chicken Katsu Curry at Wagamama

All our vouchers were expired, so we paid the full price for our meal. Not a big deal though, because we really had a great dinner at Wagamama. We would definitely come back again, with or without the vouchers.

The Bill for 2:
Chicken Katsu Bento: 58 AED
Seafood Ramen: 48 AED
Still Water: 9 AED
Total: 115 AED

Crowne Plaza Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Road

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