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Mar 8, 2013

Overnight Stay in Bayview Park Hotel Manila

After almost 17 hours of journey, 2 airplane rides with a 9 hour Singapore lay-over escapade in between, Ed and I arrived in the Philippines exhausted, yet too happy to be back in our home country. Since our domestic flight to the province was scheduled the next day, we booked an overnight hotel stay in Manila. Two months before our arrival, we scanned the list of accommodations with promotional rates at Booking.com and found Bayview Park Hotel Manila, a hotel near the bay and the heritage sights.

stairs at BayView Park HotelBayView Park Hotel Manila Philippines

Bayview Park Manila is 14 km away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport, 10 minute walk from Manila Ocean Park, Manila Bay and Rizal Park, 10 minute drive from Intramuros. The location is perfect for us who long to rest as soon as we arrive from a long haul flight and do some sightseeing before heading home.
facade of BayView Park Hotel Manila
Bayview Park Hotel Manila's facade

The check-in process was smooth. I'm glad we didn't had a single problem with our online booking; I was too tired and might have freaked out if we encountered one! The hotel's lobby is simple and elegant. There's a restaurant and Starbucks at the ground floor and a swimming pool at the deck. As we approached the 8th floor, we were surprised to see unused mattresses piled in the hallway. The elegance that the hotel flaunts at the ground floor vanished at the 8th floor lobby! The hotel room was clean but needs refurbishing. Despite the flaws, Bayview Park Hotel is still a decent place to stay.

restaurant of BayView Park Hotel Manila
the restaurant at the lobby

room of BayView Park Hotel Manila
Though the room looks fine, we can't help but notice the old furniture
 and the wardrobe closet's broken hinge. 

bathroom_necessities of BayView Park Hotel Manila
bathroom necessities

freebies in BayView Park Hotel Manila
complimentary tea and coffee

pool at BayView Park Hotel Manila
pool at the roofdeck
The morning after, we started our day with a buffet breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. We were so delighted to see Filipino dishes, along with International breakfast staples. The tocino at the main course area, platter of papaya slices, pan de sal in the bread basket and kalamansi instead of lemon made us smile. We had a homey Filipino breakfast! 

coffee shop of BayView Park Hotel Manila
Bayview coffee shop

bread at BayView Park Hotel Manila
baskets of bread

fruits of BayView Park Hotel Manila
watermelon and papaya platters

sausage, tocino, egg and potatoes
sausage, tocino, egg florentine, potato croquettes

congee at BayView Park Hotel Manila
congee and a bowl of kalamansi

Bayview Park Hotel Manila may not have everything that we want, but offered everything that we need; location is great, room was clean, breakfast was good! It would have been better if our room had a view of Manila Bay and a free wifi. :) Anyhow, the promotional rate of P2,100 plus taxes is very reasonable! With 10 being the highest, Bayview Park Hotel Manila is a 7.


  1. I want congee, sis! Yeap, I've been hearing good notes on Bayview hotel. Good choice! It's not that pricey, either.

  2. Wow! I wanna have a great summer experience in Bayview, as well. The food looks delicious...it's making me starve... heheh

  3. I stayed there once and feel that the hotel really needs some updating, even with a lower rate.

  4. It must be so perfect being served a good pinoy breakfast after a tiring day. I will keep bayview hotel in my list because I might consider staying there too.

  5. Welcome back! I will make congee for our dinner. I think that price is alright for an overnight stay.

  6. I agree with you, much better if you had the bay view. Anyway, the rate is okay na. I love congee with lots of calamansi :)

    Mommy Maye2

  7. The rate is alright, I guess for the services they offered. But, no free wifi? Why? Haha! Anyway, welcome back! The food looks delicious!

  8. Love staycations! Definitely a favorite hobby!=) Hotels are really fun, I think the hotel is ok,

  9. If i am right my mon stayed in this place for two days together with the other barangay council in my place..Singlemom Reviews

  10. The price is okey ha.. usually hotel rooms in the metro starts at 3k..I'll consider the hotel next time.. :)

  11. FINALLY!!! A post about Bayview Hotel! I've been searching for it for quite sometime and yours answered all my questions regarding the hotel. I was supposed to check in for a staycation with the kids some months ago, but hesitated because I feared it might not be value for money. Ok naman pala. Thanks! :)

  12. Good review sis! I want to have a staycation in a hotel along Roxas Blvd para may view of the bay sunset. I'll consider this hotel :)

  13. Looks like a nice hotel to stay in. I would love to have a view of the famous Manila Bay sunset too (although I can't get over the smell...)

  14. Wow at least you got it on promo! Pwede na!

  15. Ohhh nice! That looks affordable enough to for a hotel in Manila with that caliber. I do hope to get to sleep in one of those hotels overlooking the Manila Bay.

  16. It must have been an awesome experience! I miss staying in a hotel! :D

  17. bayview service seems nice and P2, 100 for an overnight is low-priced

  18. Nice blog.. I am really impressed and you do an appreciative work..
    Sons of Essex

  19. For the rate of P2,100, this one's really affordable!
    Hotel Manila Philippines