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Mar 22, 2013

Family Dinner at Bacolod Chicken House

Whenever I am away, I often think about my loving family, good friends and chicken inasal! Food has always been a part of my daydreams. Hahah! :) Chicken Inasal is a famous grilled chicken dish from Bacolod. This is not your ordinary chicken barbecue! A lot of restaurants in the country and even abroad have inasal on the menu, but nothing beats the original. Here in Bacolod, the chicken is marinated in a special secret sauce, then grilled to perfection!       

Chicken inasal At Bacolod Chicken House

Days after my arrival, my family and I had a dinner at Chicken House. It felt so good to be back in my favorite chicken inasal restaurant after 17 long months. The moment we placed our order, I excitedly made my own dip; a squeeze of kalamansi, a little vinegar, no chili and a spoon of soy sauce.  

dip At Bacolod Chicken House

A few minutes later, the wait staff brought the food to our table. All I have dreamed of for the last 17 months was finally in front of me! I devoured the excellent combination of inasal and garlic rice. The grilled chicken was very tasty and juicy. The sauce I mixed earlier made the succulent chicken meat even more appetizing.  

Chicken inasal with rice At Bacolod-Chicken- House

Ed and I placed an additional order of chicken skin. Hello, cholesterol! We were looking forward to four sticks of grilled chicken skin, but four plates of crispy fried chicken skin came instead. It was a bit of misunderstanding with the wait staff. The dish was delicious anyway, no need to fret. 

Chicken skin At Bacolod Chicken House

Chicken House have several branches in the city. The one at Art District in Mandalagan is my fave. As Bacolod is also famous for Masskara Festival, the restaurant is decorated with huge colorful masks. Good food and a festive ambiance make Chicken House a great venue for a  family get together.

Bacolod Chicken House in Art District

masskara decors At Bacolod Chicken House

Masskara Decors2 At Bacolod Chicken House

It was a night of family bonding with delectable food. No matter where I go, no matter what I eat, my heart and my tummy will always lead me back to Bacolod Chicken House! 

ed-and-lady At Bacolod Chicken House
The Foodie Couple
Helen-and-Mario At Bacolod Chicken House
my Mama and Papa
Menu Prices:
Pecho (Chicken Breast): P75
Paa (Chicken Leg): P72
Chicken Skin: P55
Garlic Rice: P32

Chicken House (North)
Art District, Mandalagan
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

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