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Mar 5, 2013

The Long Way Home

I'm currently on vacation at the happiest place on Earth. Nope, not in Disneyland! I am blogging all the way from the Philippines! Woohoo! :) I'm looking forward to more sweet escapades; this time, in my home country. Before that, let me share the long journey Ed and I had through pictures. If you are my Instagram follower, you must have seen the series of side trips we had before reaching home; it was fun, tiring though, but it was epic! 

February 28, 2013: Instagram Pic at 4:30 PM (Dubai Time)
*patiently waiting for boarding time at Dubai International Airport*

March 1, 2013: Instagram Pic at 5:30 AM (Singapore Time)
*back in Singapore after 6 years*
March 1, 2013: Instagram Pic at 8:00 AM (Singapore Time)
*one down on my 20 before 2020 list*
March 1, 2013: Instagram Pic at 9:00 AM (Singapore Time)
*hearty breakfast at Marina Bay Sands*
March 1, 2013: Instagram Pic at 11:00 AM (Singapore Time)
*Marina Bay Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour*

March 2, 2013: Instagram Pic at 10:00 AM (Philippine Time)
*Take me back in your arms, Manila!*
March 2, 2013: Instagram Pic at 11:00 AM (Philippine Time)
*Intramuros  Do-It-Yourself Tour*
March 3, 2013: Instagram Pic at 7:00 PM (Philippine Time)
*seafood feast in my hometown, Silay*
It has only been 5 days since we left Dubai, but I already got tons of wonderful experiences to share. Whew!  I can't hardly wait to blog about them. I'll be sharing the story behind the Instagram photos real soon. For now, allow me to grab a lot of family time. :)

So happy to be home,

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