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Mar 27, 2013

Lady: The Jinx Flashpacker

I have always considered myself a flashpacker, not a backpacker. Why? Well, first of all, I can't carry a backpack! Hahah! I was diagnosed to have scoliosis (abnormal spine curvature) when I was in College. It is a medical condition with no cure, only prevention to keep the curve from getting worse. So, I'm pretty sure my fragile spine couldn't handle the weight of a heavy backpack. Secondly, I love to travel in style! I want to wear clean and nice clothes everyday, matched with accessories and footwear. Third, I love fancy restaurants! I'm a picky eater, a self-confessed foodie who have constant and unstoppable food cravings. Lastly, my husband and I can't live without internet connection! We are a tech savvy couple. We look for WiFi or 3G signals everywhere. We go to Starbucks not mainly for coffee, but for free internet. :) Though I have an affinity to fancy trips, I still have a little backpacker soul in me. I also look for cheaper travel options, like bus trips instead of air flights, couch surf (stay in a friend's home) instead of booking a hotel stay! 

You might wonder why I call myself a Jinx Flashpacker. A jinx is a person that attracts a series of misfortunes. I hate to call myself one, but I can't deny the fact that I often encounter misadventures while I'm on the road; a flat tire, a rip on my dress, a broken ferry engine in the middle of the sea and more! Despite of it all, I am a happy traveler. You'll find me upset for a while, then laughing out loud a minute later.

lady the jinx flashpacker

On the 3rd week of my vacation in the Philippines, I went on an 8-day flashpack trip with my family. That simply means, I have fulfilled wish #4 on my 20 before 2020 list! I traveled by land, air and sea and visited 6 out of 7,107 beautiful islands of the Philippines. Here's a sneak peek:

sneak peek of the lady jinx flashpacker 1
sneak peek of the lady jinx flashpacker 2
sneak peek of the lady jinx flashpacker 3
sneak peek of the lady jinx flashpacker 4

Watch out for Do-It-Yourself tours, dining experiences and hotel reviews in the coming weeks. 
Are you a flashpacker like me? Drop a line or two below, let's exchange travel tips! :) 

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