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Apr 23, 2013

Ski vs. Snowboard: Which to Choose?

There will always be a debate among skiers and snowboarders, about which sport is “the best”, but in reality, when asking the question: Which is best? The answer is simply, neither. There is no right answer – the choice between skiing and snowboarding is yours and yours alone.

Whether you choose a European resort such as Soldeu in Andorra or you decide to head across the pond to Whistler, the opportunities are endless. If you would like to make a concerted effort to stick at one or the other, take a look at some of the factors that can often make the decision a little easier.


The Skills
Basing your choice on the skills that you’ll learn as part of your new sporting choice is a personal preference.
If you prefer to have bipedal movement without any restriction associated with having both feet strapped to the same plank, skiing might be the right way to go. If you think you’ll prefer more streamlined movements while riding the powder, snowboarding could be right up your street.

The Tricks
You may think that tricking is inherent to snowboarding, with plenty of opportunity to test out the half pipes, rails and ramps in the terrain parks. While snowboarding is often considered the cool trick-heavy extreme sport, almost all of these tricks can be done on skis as well, once you’re skilled enough, anyway.

The Slopes
Snowboarders will likely prefer the powdery, fluffy terrain while skiers would be just as at home on icier trails. Boarders are often welcome at higher altitudes
Bear in mind that, depending on the resort you visit, they may not be able to accommodate boarders as much as skiers, with some areas providing inhibiting ski-only rules.

The Cost
If you hone your skills enough to warrant buying your own kit, the initial outlay needs to be considered. Skiing is substantially more expensive than boarding, often adding several hundred pounds to your final bill.
Take a look at the fabulous ski and snowboarding holidays in Soldeu, Austria and beyond and make your decision about which adrenaline-fuelled extreme sport you will master.

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