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Apr 5, 2013

Spa and Skin Care Discounts in Dubai

One would think Dubai would have stricter laws about women and that women would find it difficult to travel and live alone here. Dubai is a more enlightened place and women can freely work and travel.

Dubai is hot and if you like trawling the street markets or going out to explore villages around Dubai and ride camels, your skin is going to take a beating, sunscreen and other protection notwithstanding. If you walk through the gigantic Malls, you are likely to have sore feet, a sore back and feel tired after a day’s shopping.  Head for a spa and refresh yourself. There’s plenty to do after sundown.

There is no shortage of spa deals in Dubai. You could drop in at Armada Womans Spa and indulge in a refreshing massage and treatments to take the aches and pains away. Try Dr. Shyam’s Ayurvedic Centre for some typically Indian style rejuvenating treatments with ayurvedic facials and herbal baths. The Mist Spa gives you a Thai herbal ball massage and hot stone massage. At Al Marasim Ladies Salon you can be really pampered with a full hour of body massage and foot reflexology. La Bonita Beauty Center gives you a Moroccan bath, hair treatment and full body massage. Over at the Turkuas House Beauty Salon you can have a royal turkish bath, massage, hair care and more.


You could just as well go in for facials, bleaches and tanning services at some top end clinics and beauty salons in Dubai. Natural Touch Beauty Salon will be happy to give you eyebrow and upper lip threading and three sets of eyelashes for only AED 89 after discounts. Kaizo Beauty Salon is where you can get a facial and French manicure and pedicure at around AED 100. Skin Peeling is done professionally at Amber Clinics. If it is your teeth that need to be looked into, drop in at the Specialized Medical and Dental Centre. Laser hair removal is a specialty of Kamilia Polyclinic. Tanning Zone Salon specializes in giving you a healthy tan in their modern salon. Your skin is delicate, the largest organ of your body and needs specialized care to guard against the effects of weather and sun. These salons have expert professionals and a wonderful ambience where you can have complete skin treatments including exfoliation, toning and cleansing. You receive treatment and skin care tips from these professionals to keep you looking young and glowing. If you are a tourist you can explore the deserts, the old markets and have a wonderful time in the Sun. At the end of the day head for a spa or a salon and revive yourself.

Dubai is ultra-modern despite being located amidst traditional Arab countries and a woman may live, work and move about freely. Beauty treatments at high end salons are expensive but worth the cost. One way to afford is to go online, buy some discount coupons from online discount voucher websites and use these to gain discounts of up to 70% on bills.  

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