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Apr 20, 2013

Rafael's Farm: My Favorite Spot in Leyte

Blue skies. White fluffy clouds. Beautiful landscape. Palm trees. Green grass. Man-made lake. 
Native cottages. Sumptuous food. 

You may think I'm just daydreaming of an imaginary place while I typed those above. Well, I am actually thinking of Rafael's Farm! Believe me, Rafael's Farm is dreamy, picturesque and perfect! Today, I'm going to take you to my favorite place in Leyte. At the end of this post, I'm pretty sure Rafael's Farm will be your favorite as well! Lezzz go! 

Rafael's Farm in babatngon Leyte

backdrop at Rafael's Farm Leyte

On our second day in Leyte, we had a quick Tacloban City tour in the morning and then visited the outskirts of the main city in the afternoon. From Tacloban, we had a 30-minute journey to Batbangon to visit one of Leyte's prime spot. Rafael's Farm is nestled in the midst of a farm land with mountains and green pastures as a backdrop!

pathway in Rafael's Farm Leyte

beautiful scenery at Rafael's Farm Leyte

We arrived an hour before noon, so we still had enough time to take a stroll before having our lunch at the restaurant. It was actually my second time at Rafael's Farm, but it never fails to impress. For someone who lives in a big city with skyscrapers and busy streets for almost 5 years, Rafael's Farm is a sanctuary! It has a very relaxing and calm atmosphere. It is where I can sit back, relax and just admire nature's beauty.  

Ed and Lady at Rafael's Farm Leyte

nature backdrop at Rafael's Farm Leyte

beautiful garden at Rafael's Farm Leyte

tree house at Rafael's Farm Leyte

Function Area at Rafael's Farm Leyte

Since we reserved a table and ordered our meals the moment we arrived, our lunch was ready when went back to the restaurant. The restaurant at Rafael's Farm has a warm ambiance. It looks very inviting from afar. There's a pond full of water lilies with a wooden pathway to the entrance. It has a nipa roof, antique doors, rattan chairs, draped curtains, charming decors and large clay pots. The restaurant is native and rustic, just like a typical Filipino countryside home.

restaurant at Rafael's Farm Leyte

draped curtains at Rafael's Farm Leyte

antique doors at Rafael's Farm Leyte

antique table at Rafael's Farm Leyte

ed and lady in_the restaurant Rafael's Farm

inside the restaurant of Rafael's Farm

Lunch was superb! We had baby back ribs, pan-grilled fish and shrimp sinigang. The baby back ribs was juicy, tender and glazed with a very tasty barbecue sauce. The pan-grilled fish was the family's favorite! It was drizzled with teriyaki sauce and sits on top of a hefty serving of mixed vegetables. The shrimp sinigang was delicious as well. The dish has large shrimps and vegetables in tamarind base soup. The prices are quite steep, but all worth it! 

back ribs at Rafael's Farm Leyte
Classic Baby Back Ribs
fish steak at Rafael's Farm Leyte
Pan Grilled Fish Steak with Teriyaki Sauce
Shrimp Sinigang at Rafael's Farm Leyte
Shrimp Sinigang

I have never blogged about a restaurant's washroom, but this time I must. I haven't seen a washroom as pretty as the one in Rafael's Farm. It also has the rustic theme! Aside from the basics, there's an antique cupboard, a small wooden bench and pebbled floor!  Lovely!

Inside the wash room at Rafael's Farm Leyte

After having a sumptuous lunch, Ed and I had a boat ride in the man-made lake. Hubby did all the paddling. I tried to help, but I was more of a burden! Hahah! :) Ducks even joined us in the lake. It was like a scene from "The Notebook" movie; except that we only had five ducks instead of more than a hundred white swans! Oh yeah, I'm such a hopeless romantic.

boating at Rafael's Farm Leyte

We spent three hours at Rafael's Farm. I would stay longer if we didn't had other places to visit. Leyte is Ed's homeland, so we will definitely come back soon. Rafael's Farm will always be in my Leyte trip itinerary, it should be in yours too!

family and friends at Rafael's Farm

Menu Prices:
Classic Baby Back Ribs: Php 320
Pan Grilled Fish Steak: Php 320
Shrimp Sinigang: Php 280
Pitcher of Iced Tea: Php 180
We were seven, so we had two orders of each dish. It was around 300+ per person. 

Trip Tip: 
Entrance Fee is Php 25, but it's free when you dine at the restaurant. 
Keep your receipt and show it to the Security Guard when you leave.

Rafael's Farm
Brgy. Pagsulhugon
Batbangon, Leyte

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