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May 27, 2013

Bohol: Loboc River Cruise

I'm always in awe whenever I see photos of Loboc River in Bohol. The sight of a jade-green river with native restaurants afloat and with lush trees in the river bank can always make my eyes pop! That is why cruising in Loboc River is included in my 20 before 2020 Bucket List.  Being one of the Philippines top tourist destinations, a countryside tour in Bohol would be incomplete without having a lunch cruise in a floating restaurant.  

Loboc River Cruise Bohol

boat crusing in Loboc River Bohol

We arrived at Loboc River just in time for lunch. I never expected this place to be so developed. I only thought of a simple port by the river with floating restaurants for us to choose from. To my surprise, there are souvenir shops, an air-conditioned waiting area, very clean washrooms and native-designed booking counters! There were people hopping from one counter to another, looking for the best lunch menu. The ambiance was so festive! 

Booking counters at Loboc River Bohol

We excitedly went to the counters and checked the menu. There are different floating restaurants to choose from, yet items on the menu are quite similar. So, I ended up choosing the most beautifully designed booking counter! :) We booked our lunch cruise at Riverwatch Floating Restaurant. Lunch Buffet costs Php 300/person. There's a new boat that can accommodate up to 50 people every 15-30 minutes.

Lady Anne booking for a Loboc River Cruise

We waited for turn at the pre-cruise room. I usually hate waiting with a grumbling stomach, good thing the area has WiFi signal. So, I checked my emails while I dreamt of what I'm having for lunch; crabs, shrimps and lots of barbecue!

Loboc River Cruise' waiting area

We were called to board after almost 15 minutes of waiting. Aside from the Php 300 lunch fee, we also paid Php 100/person entrance fee that goes to the maintenance, safety and security of the tourist spot.  

boarding counter at Loboc River Cruise Bohol

Then, we were assisted to the docking area where we waited for our boat. From there, we had a glimpse of Loboc Church at opposite side. The Church of San Pedro in Loboc is the second oldest church in Bohol.
docking area for Loboc River Cruise Bohol

cruise time at Loboc River Bohol

Cruise Time!!! On board a native floating restaurant for about an hour, we had sumptuous Filipino dishes for  lunch. We were entertained by a singer and good ol' folk songs. The boat had a brief stop beside a platform at the river bank and more traditional entertainment came our way. A group serenaded us with Filipino songs and showcased the country's native dances. 
boat encountered during Loboc River Cruise

getting food while cruising at Loboc River Bohol

different sumptuous foods inside the boat

lady_and_ed's family dining while cruising Loboc River

singer during the Loboc River Cuise

entertainment while cruising at Loboc River Bohol

Before the cruise came to an end, we saw two very tiny waterfalls known as Busay Falls. The floating restaurant halted for a few minutes for us to take some photos, then made a u-turn back to the port.

Clean River in Loboc Bohol

small falls at Loboc River Bohol

Loboc River Cruise is an activity for both foodies and  nature lovers. It was the highlight of our countryside tour. River cruise, Filipino cuisine, beautiful sights, lovely people... Oh, it was heaven on earth! Wish #2 on my 20 before 2020 list finally fulfilled! :)

Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant
Loboc River
Pob. Sawang
Bohol, Philippines

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