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May 4, 2013

Italian Lunch at Guiseppe's

I just realized that I've been blogging about pizza restaurants a lot. I even got a comment "Pizza, again?!" on my recent blog post. Hahah! :) I love pizza ever since, but the addiction got worse when I met Ed. He is a true blue fan of everything Italian! So, I think we've been "pizza restaurant hopping" for almost 6 years already, from the Philippines to United Arab Emirates! :)

During our 8-day flashpack trip, we have satisfied our authentic Italian pizza cravings at Giuseppe's in Tacloban. Guiseppe's is an Italian-Filipino restaurant, owned and managed by an Italian Chef. The restaurant's exterior looks very charming, it actually stands out from the rest of the establishments at the town's center. 

Giuseppe's Tacloban

Guiseppe's Italian-Filipino Restaurant looks so fancy! It is a fine-dining restaurant with classic decors and bricked walls. There are different cheeses, cold cuts and wines on display at the counter. There's a table of more Italian goodies with a dainty flower arrangement as a centerpiece. I was so in love with the restaurant! I loved it even more when I saw a brick oven behind the display counter. I find brick oven pizzas tastier than regular oven-baked ones!  

counter at Giuseppe's Tacloban

brick oven at Giuseppe's Tacloban

inside in Giuseppe's Tacloban

Ed and I shared a plate of Guiseppe's special pizza, while my parents had a chicken with rice dish. The pizza tasted so good. It reminded me of the delicious pizza we had months ago at Vapiano in Dubai. Yes, Guiseppe's pizza could be one of the bests, even in the international scene! Crust was thin, toppings were very tasty. I loved it. I went to Pizza Heaven in just one bite! I also had some of the grilled chicken that my parents ordered. It was juicy and flavorsome. The dish came in large serving, with mixed vegetables on the side.

chicken with rice at Giuseppe's Tacloban

pizza at Giuseppe's Tacloban

family at Giuseppe's Tacloban

I love Guiseppe's! Gosh, how many times have I said that?! Lunch at Guiseppe's was expensive. But since the taste is comparable to our fave Italian pizza in Dubai, I converted our total bill from Peso to Dirham. Then, I realized the prices were not that bad. It's actually cheaper! I'm glad my foodie trail and pizza cravings led me to Guiseppe's. Can't wait to go back next year! :)

The Bill:
Guiseppe's Pizza: Php 395
2 Grilled Chicken Breast (Php 150 each): Php 350
2 Pineapple Juice (Php 75 each): Php 150
Iced Tea: Php 80
Cola: Php 40

Guiseppe's Italian-Filipino Restaurant
Avenida Veteranos
Tacloban City
Leyte, Philippines

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