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May 16, 2013

Belieber for a Night

Today, I'm taking a break from the travel series. Ed and I are back in Dubai for more than a month now, so this time I'll be sharing something fresh! Flashpack series will resume next week. :)

Believe it or not, I was at Justin Bieber's concert two weekends back! Yes, an adult turning 31 this year still at a teeny-bopper music event. Hahah! I'm not a huge fan, I actually hate his music during his "Baby" days. I learned to appreciate Justin Bieber when he got older as his music style evolved from annoying dance tunes to cool pop and R&B. 

lady at Justin Bieber's Believe concert in Dubai

The concert venue was at The Sevens Stadium, almost an hour drive from the town center. Gates opened at 5 PM, so we arrived a few minutes before 6 PM to have enough time to grab some dinner and pick a nice spot at the venue. At 6 PM, the stadium was already jam-packed with teens, mostly with their parents. The concert was said to start at 8 PM and while we were waiting, DJs from Virgin Radio Station turned the stadium into a huge party place. They played good music, people were dancing and singing to the tunes. I hate crowded places but that time I actually had fun!

crowd before Justin Bieber's Believe concert in Dubai

lady smiling at Justin Bieber's Believe concert in Dubai

All were so excited when the clock stuck 8. By then, the music died down and the people were waiting for the concert to start. But instead of announcing Justin Bieber's arrival, the DJ informed the audience that the teen star will be late. The loud cheers turned into rowdy boos!  

crowd during Justin Bieber's Believe concert in Dubai

The concert finally started at 10 PM. The stadium was again filled with loud screams and screech from teenage girls! I even saw some young ladies crying. The noise was deafening! The cheers went louder and louder as Justin showed off his dance skills while singing his famous songs. Halfway through the concert, I had enough of Bieber's antics. He was oozing with confidence, gave out flying kisses and had dramatic stares at the camera. Well, I guess the teen girls adored those moments but it was too much to handle for an adult. Way too much that instead of being entertained, I was totally annoyed! Things got worst when  Ed and I noticed that Justin Bieber was just lip syncing on some parts. He even made his friend wear an Arab traditional clothing and danced like crazy on stage! Uh-oh... looks like this boy is into trouble!

Justin Bieber singing in Dubai Concert

Honestly, it was the worst concert I have been to; the two-hour delay, the lip sync, the screams, the drama. But it was fun, teeny-bopper kind of fun! I have learned something on this experience though: PATIENCE. Next time that I'll be heading to a concert, I must learn to wait as not all people are punctual (superstars included). I must keep calm as all queues are long, from the entrance to food outlets to road traffic! And I'll make sure that the next concert will not be Justin Bieber's! That would be my first and last.


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