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Jul 3, 2013

The BIG Juan: Cebu Pacific's A330

I have always been fascinated with airplanes. When I was little, I would tilt my head up in the sky whenever I hear a whoosh sound. I would stargaze and look for blinking airplane navigation lights at night. Until now, I still get that rush feelings whenever I see one. It's a bucket of mixed emotions actually. It can sometimes be homesickness; the longing to be one of the passengers who are on their way home. It can also be euphoria; the giddy feeling whenever I think of my dream getaway or homecoming.  

Now, how would I feel when I see this big Airbus, bearing the Philippine Flag, in the skies of United Arab Emirates real soon?

Cebu Pacific's Airbus A330 will be flying from Dubai to Manila starting October 7, 2013. It is every OFW's answered prayer. Finally, homecomings will be cheaper and faster. Cebu Pacific is the only Filipino carrier to have Dubai-Manila direct daily flights, which simply means less travel time and more family time! To see the big Juan beside top International airlines at Dubai Airport and gracing the skies of United Arab Emirates will surely make every Filipino proud. 

I know, you can hardly wait for October too. So, let's take a sneak peek at the big Juan. Here's a video of  Cebu Pacific's brand new A330, from first assembly in Toulouse, France to its maiden flight:

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