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Jul 6, 2013

Ambassador Transit Hotel and The 19-hour Travel Nightmare

After a month long vacation in the Philippines, Ed and I had another lay-over in Singapore on our way back to Dubai. If you remember, we successfully followed an epic 9-hour itinerary during our first stop over. We were up to another "Amazing Race: Ed and Lady Episode" on our second lay-over which was longer, 19 hours to be exact. We were scheduled to arrive in Singapore at 8pm and depart for Dubai at 3pm the next day! Another epic itinerary was prepared, directions and maps were printed, and our overnight stay was booked. 

We arrived a few minutes late at Terminal 3 instead of 2. Ed and I were on our fastest pace as we have to meet a friend at Terminal 1 who invited us to Clark Quay that night! Based on the itinerary I made, we were supposed to be out at 9 pm. It was already 10 when we got our passports stamped at the immigration. Anyhow, the meet-up was successful, the Clark Quay visit wasn't! Why? Because a month before our flight, before the meet-up was even planned, I scheduled a 12 midnight to 6 AM stay at Ambassador Transit Hotel. We MUST check in at 12 or else a no show will be charged. After our dinner at Terminal 1, Ed and I had no choice but to head straight to the transit hotel. 

Ambassador Transit Hotel inside Changi Airport Singapore

I really thought my plan for the next day was still perfectly laid out, until I realized that the transit hotel is inside Terminal 2! INSIDE!!! Which means we have to pass through the immigration again! Only then that I realized I made a terrible mistake on our 19-hour itinerary. I can still vividly remember that I bombarded my husband with a series of questions before approaching the immigration. "Is this possible? We had our passports stamped an hour back, and we will be getting another one now. Can we still go out tomorrow?". Uh-oh! Moments later, the immigration officer answered all my questions with a big NO and a firm frown on his face. I felt terribly disappointed. Goodbye Universal Studios! Goodbye Sentosa! It was the most foolish mistake I have ever made in my entire travel history! When I made the booking, I never thought about the immigration and the possibilities of meeting up with friends! I hated myself that night, I can even feel a tinge of hatred until this very moment!  

The big question is: Why did I book a stay at Ambassador Transit Hotel? It was all about the comfort, convenience and cheap rate!  A room for two only costs S$91.81, a very reasonable rate for a six-hour stay in a very comfortable room with an ensuite bathroom. 

hallway of Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore
Ambassador's Transit Hotel hallway
One can never tell that this hotel is inside an airport.  
big and comfy bed at Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore
** big and comfy bed ** soundproof room **
tv and coffee at Ambassador Transit Hotel
** TV ** complimentary tea and coffee **
shower at Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore
** What I love the most: the ensuite bathroom ** hot and cold shower ** rainfall shower head ** 
relax and refresh at Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore
** relaxing and refreshing indeed **

I'd only recommend Ambassador Transit Hotel in Changi Airport to those who have no plans of going out twice! If your main goal is to see the sights of Singapore or to meet your friends, never do what I did. Instead, book an overnight stay in the city. Hotels at the prime spots, with the same amenities as Ambassador, have steep rates. A cheaper option is to stay in a hostel or a B&B if dormitory rooms and shared toilets are fine with you.

You may think that our adventure in Singapore ended because of my foolish act. Think again! Catch our story about being stuck in Changi Airport here. :) 

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