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Jul 30, 2013

Featured in Trekity:Daily Travel Ideas For Women

"Lady and her Sweet Escapes" was made for my friends who often ask for travel tips, directions and restaurant suggestions. I am always happy to help and I think that having a blog is the most convenient way of sharing what I know. Several months later, I was very pleased to discover that I am also helping a lot of people across the globe. Then, invitations, advertisements and interviews came. It's very surreal as my only mission was to have an online diary where I can write my DIY itineraries and my foodie adventures for my friends. 

Later on, blogging became a passion, not an extra workload. I still get surprised every time I receive emails from well known websites and big companies. I do still pinch myself several times just to be sure that I'm not dreaming. Despite all the perks of being a blogger, I am keeping my mission as it is. That is why, I was so thrilled when I received an email from Trekity, an international website for women who love to travel. 

I was featured in Trekity for the Empowering Women Series. In the interview, I was able to share my story as an expatriate in Dubai. I even shared some of my little secrets; personal stuff that I haven't even blogged about. I even answered the question that most people frequently ask, "You are the only child, why do you have to work outside the Philippines?" And of course, I did what I always love to do, I gave tips on traveling and working in Dubai.  

If you want insider tips for your trip to Dubai, or if you want to know why am I here and how working in Dubai changed me, click here for my interview responses at Trekity. 

To Ms. Darcie and to everyone behind Trekity, I am very grateful for this 
wonderful opportunity to share my story.  

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