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Sep 14, 2013

Ibn Battuta: The Travel-Themed Shopping Mall

Once upon a time, there were two explorers named Ed and Lady. They rode a magic train that took them to places they've never been. They visited the pharaohs in Egypt, had a quick stop at Tunisia, then traveled to Andalusia, had a coffee break in Persia, then flew to India, and watched a movie in China.... all in one day! :) Okay okay, before you think I'm crazy, forget about the magic train! My imagination has gone wild again! Hahah! Ed and I went to Ibn Battuta, a shopping mall with six different themes based on the travels of the 14th Century Arabic Explorer, Ibn Battuta. 

We started our journey at Ibn Battuta's Egypt Court. The mall's facade has craved images of pharaohs. Inside are drawings of Gods of the Egyptian mythology, date trees and a huge centerpiece of ancient Egyptian structure.  

Outside Ibn Battuta: Egypt

Ibn Battuta Egypt Side

Ibn Battuta Walls in Egypt

From Egypt, we walked to Tunisia Court and had our lunch. This part of the mall is inspired by the coastal towns in Tunisia; it has sky-like ceiling, mosaic-tiled floor and streetlamps.    

Tunisia Court of Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Tunisian Walls

Ibn Battuta Tunisian Design

Ibn Battuta Tunisian Interiors

After lunch, we traveled to Andalusia, a community in Spain. The wall have arches made of marble and the ceiling is made of wood. The court's centerpiece is a grand Lion Fountain.  

Ibn Battuta Andalusia

Ibn Battuta Andalusia flyingIbn Battuta Andalusia Fountain

Ibn Battuta Design in Andalusia

Our next stop was Persia. This court is elegantly embellished with gold and blue mosaic tiles. The main feature is the huge dome with a brass chandelier and a beautifully designed ceiling. Mall-goers can read about the life and journey of Ibn Battuta at Persia's Central Court. 

Ibn Battuta Persia

Ibn Battuta Persian Design

The Travels of Ibn Battuta

Map of the Travels of Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta Persian Interiors

After we learned more about Ibn Battuta and his explorations in Persia Court, we headed to our next destination: India. The centerpiece of this court is a gigantic elephant located in a great dome inspired by Taj Mahal.

Ibn Battuta India

Ibn Battuta Indian ElephantIbn Battuta Indian Design

Ibn Battuta Indian with trumpets

Our last destination was China Court. This part of the shopping mall is filled with Chinese architecture; dominant color is red, details are in gold and blue. Everything is intricately designed, from the walls to the ceiling. The most fascinating feature of China Court is a huge Chinese Junk. 

Ibn Battuta China

Cinema in Ibn Battuta China

Huge Chinese Ship in Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall is grand; every corner is picturesque. It is a massive artwork, perfectly made. A day in Ibn Battuta is like a journey to six different regions. This is a place where I can do two of my favorite things at the same time: shopping and sightseeing! :)

Ibn Battuta Mall
Jebel Ali Village

You can reach Ibn Battuta Mall via Dubai Metro's Red Line
Hop off the train at Ibn Battuta Metro Station.

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