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Sep 11, 2013

Snow Adventures in Ski Dubai

Years before I decided to work abroad, I used to think that life in the Middle East can be very sad and boring. I pictured it out as living in the middle of a lifeless desert, where I must handle a backbreaking workload and struggle in a burning temperature; all in exchange for growth and a better future! Then, when I learned about United Arab Emirates, a fast-growing, multicultural country in the Middle East, my perception changed. I knew from then that if I have to work outside the Philippines, and with Middle East as my only option, it should be in the UAE!

When I arrived in Dubai, I realized I was right with the struggle in a burning hot weather and I was clearly wrong with the dreary life. For five years, I'm living in an astonishing desert city where everything is possible! I am in the midst of an 830 m skyscraper, a 7-star hotel with a very unique shape, a palm-shaped island and a ski resort! Yes, there are snow slopes in the hottest part of the world! :)

ski slopes at Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. It is the ultimate attraction to visit during the peak of summer, when temperature can rise up to 45C! Ski Dubai has an area of 22,500m2 covered with real snow! The 85 meters high and 80 meters wide indoor ski resort has 5 different types of slopes for beginners and expert Skiers, with quad chairlift, tow lift and flying carpet snow sled. There is also a 3,000m Snow Park for guests who are not really into snow sports. 

The Snow Park
The Snow Park is a top choice for most visitors. The entrance fee already includes the Ski clothing. A thick winter coat and pants, a pair of snow boots and a helmet (for kids) are handed over upon entry. The gloves are not provided, however guests can buy a cheap pair at the Snow Pro shop and use it on their next visit or keep it as a souvenir!  

my first visit at Ski Dubai's Snow Park
2008 - my first snow adventure at Ski Dubai's Snow Park

The Snow Park resembles an amazing mountain ski resort. It is where you can enjoy winter activities; from adrenaline-rushing rides like tobogganing and snow tubing, to fun and relaxing activities like making a snow angel, building a snowman, exploring the snow cavern, and just sipping hot chocolate at the cafe.  

Ski Dubai's Snow Park
January 2010 - Ed went mountain climbing in Ski Dubai's Snow Park
fun at Ski Dubai's Snow Park
January 2010 - fun and relaxation time in Ski Dubai 
snow tubing and slide at Ski Dubai's Snow Park
January 2010 - my thrill-seeker husband tried all the adrenaline rushing activities
fun-filled family time at Ski Dubai's Snow Park
July 2010 - fun-filled family time 
adrenaline-rushing activities at Ski Dubai's Snow Park
July 2010 - My parents loved snow tubing and sliding at the Snow Park
chillin with the folks at Ski Dubai's Snow Park
July 2010 - chillin (literally) in Ski Dubai while the temperature was at scorching 45C outside  

The Ski Slopes
Ed and I were able to ski on a Beginner Slope last year! My husband always brings out the adventurous side of me! We attended the Discovery Lesson and learned the basics of skiing. The Ski School instructors made everything fun and simple, however it wasn't as easy as I thought it was. My first concern was getting in and out of my skis; balance is a must! Second, I wasn't comfortable with standing and moving on skis; most probably because I was never into any kind of sport! The third, and the most difficult, was finding my balance while going downhill. I wasn't able to finish the slope and fell on my butt halfway a lot of times, but eventually learned and somehow mastered the basics after a few runs.     

learning how to ski at Ski Dubai's Ski School
April 2012 - Ed and I in Ski Dubai's Ski School
Discovery lessons for the Beginners at Ski Dubai's Ski School
April 2012 - learning the basics of skiing in Ski Dubai

This year, Ski Dubai added another fun attraction, the Peng-Friend Encounter. It is where guests can interact with cute and fascinating Snow Penguins! So, I guess my four visits to Ski Dubai were still not enough. I must see the penguins up-close, while Ed is planning to take more ski lessons at the Ski School! 

Ski Dubai
Mall of the Emirates
Dubai, UAE

Snow Park: 140 AED (adult) / 130 AED (child)
Discovery Lesson (ski lesson for beginners): 150 AED 
Peng-Friend Encounter: 175 AED
For promotions and  latest offers, visit Ski Dubai's official website. Click here.

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