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Sep 19, 2013

Sporty and Foodie Night at The Huddle

Last Saturday, my husband aced another Microsoft exam! Proud wifey here! It was an achievement that called for a celebration. With all his perseverance and the late nights in front of the computer, Ed deserves not just a pat on the back, but a big meal and an ice cold beer! :) His success perfectly synced with an invitation that we have received from The Huddle Sports Bar and Grill for its 2nd Anniversary celebration!
The Huddle is a bar/restaurant made for Sports Aficionados. It has huge flat screens telecasting live sports, pool tables and dart boards. After the big games, a live band takes the stage and transforms The Huddle into a music venue. Sports enthusiasts also get to enjoy sumptuous bar food and refreshing beverages. It has a very masculine concept; furnished with contemporary bar stools and sleek lounge chairs, and with walls decked with sporting memorabilia. And so, this girly girl who was never into sports was quite scared to feel out of place, yet was ready for an all new dine-out experience. 

The Huddle Sports Bar And Grill in Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai

It was half past seven in the evening when we arrived at The Huddle in Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai. As it is a top venue for live sports and is located in the heart of Dubai, the place was already filled with sports fanatics. They were so focused on the live-telecast football game displayed on huge plasma screens.

sports enthusiasts at The Huddle Sports Bar And Grill in Citymax Hotel Burd Dubai

We were warmly greeted by the manager and the wait staff, and we settled on a bar table with high chairs near the entrance. It was the right spot to have not just bar food, but a proper dinner. While I was looking at the menu, I got startled by sudden loud cheers! The sports fans, who all seemed to be very quiet when we arrived, were already up on their seats, chanting and clapping in unison! Then, I noticed that my husband already joined the fun. I somehow knew from the start that The Huddle is a bar/restaurant that he would love!

budweiser and colada mocktail at The Huddle Sports Bar And Grill in Citymax Hotel Burd Dubai

The Huddle Sports Bar and Grill's menu is very impressive, from the light bar food selections to heavy grilled items. Since Ed was looking forward to the "sports bar" concept, he chose the ultimate bar food and booze; a huge Angus beef burger and a pint of Budweiser. I, on the other hand, was pretty excited with the "grill" options, so I opted to have the 250g rib-eye steak and a mocktail.

What we love most is that, The Huddle's burgers and steaks can be personalized! For the burgers, there are different patties, cheeses, add-ons and sauces to choose from. Ed built his own burger with Angus beef patty, mozzarella cheese, grilled pineapple and BBQ sauce. It was served with coleslaw and fries on the side. It looked very delicious and filling, and Ed said the taste matched its perfect presentation.

Angus Beef Burger at The Huddle Sports Bar And Grill in Citymax Hotel Burd Dubai

As for my rib-eye steak, I had it rubbed with lemon and herb and cooked well done. It was served with pepper sauce and cheesy double baked potato on the side. I swear, it was one of the best grilled steaks I ever had in Dubai; tender, well-seasoned and with so much flavor in every bite!

250g rib-eye steak at The Huddle Sports Bar And Grill in Citymax Hotel Burd Dubai

We had a great night at The Huddle Sports Bar and Grill! I consider it not just a bar for sports enthusiasts as it also offers almost everything for everyone; the perfect steak for the foodies, a live band for the music lovers, and a high-energy atmosphere for those who just want to unwind!

The Huddle Sports Bar and Grill
Citymax Hotel-Bur Dubai
Citymax Hotel-Al Barsha

For more information about The Huddle, click here.

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